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Save as draft: artists-in-residence on ms Instagram

Although the institutions make their social media accounts accessible to artists, such cooperations often come down to presenting artworks. Meanwhile, Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź initiated using Instagram as a digital laboratory. The project Save as draft has become a new form of artist-in-residence programs.

Instagram is one of the most important platforms dedicated to visual culture. Therefore, cultural institutions and galleries most often use it to publish information about upcoming events and to bring the digitized collections closer to the audience. On the other hand, artists treat Instagram not only as an online portfolio, but also as a tool for creating art. The platform has become yet another medium used for the presentation and implementation of their creative practices.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, you can observe more and more online projects - taken by both artists and cultural institutions. The inability to organise exhibitions and the emerging crisis are an "incentive" to transfer activities to Internet, to minimize the means of production.

The aim of Safe as draft is to use artworks from the museum’s collections within Instagram. The project is based on the idea of ​​"prototypes". Invited creators will work with the unique "database", which are resources of Muzeum Sztuki, using the tools available on the platform, such as posts, tags, lives, augmented reality (AR) filters, gifs and videos. Artists will treat the digitized museum collections as the titular "drafts" of their practices.


April 20 - May 10 - Justyna Wierzchowiecka

Justyna Wierzchowiecka was born in 1991 in Koszalin. She is a graduate of ÉSAD Orléans in Orléans, France and ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels, Belgium. The artist won the ShowOFF at the 2016 Krakow Photomonth Festival. Wierzchowiecka is a member of the GUSH Collective photo collective. She is the author of the Museum Studies project in which she photographs museum interiors, artworks and exhibits; audiences and institutions’ employees; museums’ bookstores and gift shops. The artist often reaches to archival footage. The appropriation of images and subjecting them to advanced digital processing are a common theme in her work.


May 11 - May 31 -  Brokat Films 

Brokat Films is an artistic duo of the painter Sasa Lubińska and Joanna Pawłowska established in March 2016 on YouTube. The artists use the DIY aesthetics and clichés, existing in the Internet culture, and record films exploring conventions such as: culinary programs, make-up tutorials or coaching sessions.


June 1- June 21 - Pamela Bożek

Pamela Bożek is an artist dealing with participatory postartistic practices. She is interested in the topics of migration, disability, poverty in a broad sense and exclusion. She is the initiator of the bookbinding micro-brand Notesy z Łukowa (Notebooks from Łuków), which, as an artistic project based on participation, supports economically refugees staying at the Center for Foreigners in Łuków.


June 22 - July 12 - residence of Katarzyna Oczkowska / ArTVistka

Katarzyna Oczkowska / ArTVistka is a critic, curator, art historian. In parallel with theoretical activity, Oczkowska created her digital, artistic alter ego as an ArTVistka. The moody character of the avatar-performer is the result of surveys published on her Instagram account. As a part of the residence, Katarzyna Oczkowska will combine her two identities: researching and performing the resources of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź.


curator: Kacper Szalecki

coordinator: Przemysław Purtak

visuals: Witek Gretzyngier


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