On May 30 (Thursday) all branches of the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź will be closed.

Post - cooperation with MoMA

Post: notes on modern and contemporary art around the globe is an Internet platform initiated and run by the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in collaboration with an international network of partner institutions. Muzeum Sztuki joined the network in 2013 and has collaborated on preparing information about Central and Eastern European Art. 

Post is an Internet publication of the C-MAP (Contemporary and Modern Art Perspectives) research project, focusing on the art of the 20th and 21st century created in areas of strong modern art traditions that have previously been represented in MoMA’s collection and exhibition program to a small extent: Latin America, Eastern Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. 

The platform was set up in February 2013 as a kind of web combination of an Internet magazine, online archive, a space for new artistic projects and a discussion forum. By publishing various contents: from more specialized articles, through interviews with artists and presentation of their works to reports from artistic scenes from the above-mentioned regions, post hopes to attract varied users and change into a place for discussion for both art specialists and amateurs. The editors of post encourage its readers to actively participate in the activities of the platform: everyone can create his/her own profile enabling them to follow updates and participate in discussions by adding their own texts, photographs and recordings in answer to the published topics.

C-MAP project was initiated in 2009 with a view to broadening the understanding of modern art as well as the exhibition and educational program and MoMA collection. The research conducted as a part of C-MAP is based on the assumption that the history of the 20th century modernism is much more complex than their best-known, canon pieces, focusing of Western European and American art. C-MAP aims at understanding the historical premises and historical conditions of the functioning of international artistic networks as well as accessing these histories of modern art that are still quite unknown outside their countries of origin.