Warsztaty/seminarium "Nations in the Age of Global Economic Meltdown"


International Seminar/Workshop for Contemporary Art Professionals:
"Nations in the Age of Global Economic Meltdown"

November 10-11, 2009, Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland


Guest speakers: Marina Grzinic and Jens Haaning.

Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, in collaboration with Public Preparation, an
international platform for knowledge-production and networking, is calling
for applications to participate in a two-day seminar/workshop dedicated to
the critical exploration of interconnections between nationalist ideology
and the capitalist economic system.

Amongst other groups, the contemporary art community is witnessing growing
tendencies toward nationalism, which in the most radical cases take the form
of violent intolerance, racism and xenophobia. With the very recent
appearance of the global financial crises, protectionist policies have
emerged, re-gained in popularity and started to play a central role in the
emergency plans for economies directed by national governments. Capitalism
forms a fundamental part of modern economies and, having developed hand in
hand with modern nation state apparatuses, recent changes in the global
economy and the revival of nationalism force us to recognise, discuss and
examine, the changes in relations between these two super-forces which drive
the world. In focusing on the symbiotic link between nationalist ideology
and the neoliberal capitalist order, we would like to invite art
professionals, especially curators, theoreticians and artists, who have been
dealing with this issue and related topics in their prior practice to
participate, to share their knowledge, experience and ideas during "Nations
in the Age of Global Economic Meltdown".

The questions that might be addressed during the two-day seminar/workshop
could be articulated as follows: How are national values and traditions used
as an excuse for economic activities and corporate politics? How is capital
used as a tool of power to fulfill nationalist-imperialist policies in
particular regions? How might the return to protectionist politics influence
nationalist movements in contemporary Europe during this crises of global
capitalism? How do they deal with migration and transnational identity? Why
do nation-states behave like companies and companies act like nation-states?
What is behind states branding themselves and using marketing tools and
companies becoming multinational empires with their own rules and
regulations? How is art and culture instrumentalised for the sake of
strengthening national identity and promoting the nation?

The seminar/workshop consists of a seminar and a screening open to the
public plus discussion on November 10, 2009 continuing with closed
workshops on November 11, 2009. The workshops will be held by Marina
Grzinic and Jens Haaning.

We greatly regret that Muzeum Sztuki and the Public Preparation teams
cannot provide accommodation and travel grants, but we are able to provide
supporting letters for funding organisations and assist with individual
fund-raising. And of course we are happy to advise on budgeting options
such as good value accommodation.

The seminar language will be English.

If you are interested in taking part in the workshop/seminar, please fill
in the attached form (you can find it as well on the website www.msl.org.pl or ask us to send it to you directly) and send it to: opencall@publicpreparation.org
The deadline for the application is 1 October 2009.

For further information, please, contact the Public Preparation team via

About the Public Preparation platform:
"Nations in the Age of Global Economic Meltdown" will take place within the
framework of Public Preparation events. Public Preparation is an
international platform for knowledge- production and networking. First and
foremost it is a space for international collaboration focusing on the
current practices of critical thinking and production in the field of
contemporary art. The main agenda of Public Preparation is to concentrate on
questions linked to the concept of an artist as a citizen. Contemporary art
is a crucial part of the public realm, exhibition spaces are places for open
discussion and artists have the power and responsibility to be actively
engaged in the process of examining, imagining and changing social reality.
The current phase of Public Preparation activities deals critically with the
growing tendencies of nationalism in contemporary Europe, aiming to envision
alternative ways to think about the global community. More information about
Public Preparation project can be found at www.publicpreparation.org

Looking forward to see you in Lodz!

Rael Artel, curator, Public Preparation
Magdalena Ziolkowska, host, Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz
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