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Will Europe survive? Conference accompanying the exhibition Untimely stories, within the Europe Project

ms2, Ogrodowa 19 St
22 September 2012, Saturday, 15.00

Do we need Europe anymore? If so, what Europe? Is the European project’s crucial aspiration to create economic cohesion without erasing cultural differences able to pass the test of the crisis? Or perhaps the crisis will help usher in new ways of thinking and doing?
The forms of Europe’s survival or transgression will be discussed by scientists as well as artists and curators standing behind the Scenarios for Europe (2010–1012) and Europe (to the power of) n (2012–2013) projects, both of which employ contemporary art to open up new ways of thinking about Europe.

Welcome and Introduction
- Jarosław Suchan

Whichever Europe?
- Barbara Steiner

Living in Twelve Dimensions, Imagining Futures in Four:
 The Challenge of Thinking the Unthinkable, Illuminating the Light, and Creating Imaginary Spaces that are More Real than Real - Richard Thieme
Lecture transmitted by internet.

Richard Thieme investigates the chal­lenges posed by new technologies and the future, the human changes caused by them, and creativity as an answer to radical change. Author of essays and short stories.

Panel I
De-modernization of worlds – of Europe, art world and others?
- Slavs and Tatars, Tamás Kaszás, Janek Simon, Wandelien van Oldenborgh
moderated by Jan Sowa with his introduction: From modernization to de-modernization – unthinking the illusions of the 20th century

Jan Sowa is a sociologist, essayist, assistant professor at the Jagiellonian University’s Institute of Culture. His main research area is culture theory, notably the issues related to social changes occurring in Western civilisation and to European cul­ture’s references to other cultures.


Panel II
Trauma for Europe
- Tone Hansen, Miško Šuvaković, Kit Hammonds
moderated by Paweł Mościcki with his introduction: Contingent Survival of History

Paweł Mościcki is a philosopher, es­sayist and translator, assistant in the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Literary Studies. He is interested in contemporary philosophy, arts (lit­erature, theatre, visual arts) as well as critical political discourses.

After Europe Party

Concert of Pustki
ms cafe, Więckowskiego 36St
Ticket: 20 PLN




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