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Urban Ecologies

"Urban Ecologies", the programme of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, explores the environment of a contemporary institution of culture embedded in the reality of a concrete city: Łódź in this case. "Urban Ecologies" reflect the self-awareness of an institution which fulfills its goals through continuous updating of the idea that is its building block, i.e., the avant-garde idea of art viewed as a laboratory, a testing ground for alternative ways of operating in the real world. They are prototypes of spatial and social solutions that turn our attention to locations considered abandoned or neglected. By being open to the co-engagement of the inhabitants of Łódź, they develop ethical bonds with the city.

"Urban Ecologies" are rooted in what is considered local; in activities that change everyday practices and build an interdisciplinary platform of cooperation available to various groups. Their goal is to work out a set of good practices exploiting the urban potential but challenging the rhetoric of novelty and turning towards sustainable measures.


"Urban Ecologies" are about how we think about the environment assuming we are aware of the presence and impact of species of plants and animals living on our planet. They are about challenging the nature–culture divide; a process consisting in making ourselves aware of complex relationships between living and non-living matter. This metabolism-based community cannot leave anyone indifferent to the complexity of relationships with the environment.


"Urban Ecologies" are tools of collective production of place-based knowledge; they promote the idea of bottom-up approach to urban planning and encourage to reflect upon and criticise the anthropocentric perspective on culture driven by an economic logic.


Curators: Aleksandra Jach, Katarzyna Słoboda

Coordinated by: Martyna Gajda (2011), Monika Wesołowska (2012), Beata Bocian/Monika Wesołowska (2013)

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