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Thematic displays and the "Atlas of Modernity" exhibition on ms Resources

During the pandemic, we reached into our permanent exhibition Atlas of Modernity to reflect on the changes we have been experiencing. Atlas of Modernity is a tale of modernity understood as a set of ideas, tensions and energy, which directly or indirectly shape social reality. It is based on fourteen thematic "islands" which center around works from the collection of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź.

We tried to convey these ideas through sharing a catalogue description related to a particular "island" on https://zasoby.msl.org.pl every week. It was further published on Facebook.

The publications were followed by a reflection on how the global pandemic has changed not only the functioning of many things but also their valorization. We followed how the understanding of previously important matters has been altered and how the new organization of world has forced necessary modifications. The cycle was published on Facebook every Wednesday.




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