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The Unleashed Forces. Angelika Markul and Contemporary Demonism

The radioactively contaminated zone of Chernobyl, the Martian landscape pf the Atacama desert in Chile, Fukushima obliterated by tsunami, have become, for Angelika Markul, sites of finding manifestations of untamed forces. Sometimes of unknown origin, but mostly unleashed by human error or side-effects of human actions, those forces affect our world, mostly with a devastating effect. Which is why they terrify and are perceived as demonic.

Angelika Markul places those destructive, untamed forces outside of the cultural categories of good and evil, while at the same time recognising their irrepressible power of attraction. As she yields to them a little, she unravels them for us, and even emphasises them to some degree, so that the modern demonism could be displayed in a mixture of awe and anxiety.
The Museum of Art in Lodz presented the artist’s latest, not yet displayed works, including Bambi in Chernobyl, awarded with the Prix SAM 2012, which will also be shown in the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The work was created on the basis of film footage from the artist’s trip to the “ground zero” near the Chernobyl nuclear plant. Works on display also include those made as a result of Angelika Markul’s stays in the Atacama and in Fukushima.

Publisher: Museum of Art in Lodz
Texts: Jarosław Lubiak and Luc Boltanski
Volume editor: Jarosław Lubiak
Graphic design: Aleksander Mrozek
Publishing coordinator: Ewa Jędrzejczak

ISBN: 978-83-63820-16-9
Published in 2013
Dimensions:  19 x 24 x 2 cm
Cover: hardback
Languages: bilingual, Polish and English 
Number of pages: 132
Illustrations: ca. 24 (in colour)

Publication accompanying the exhibition: „The Unleashed Forces. Angelika Markul and Contemporary Demonism” which took place at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź (06.09.2013-10.11.2013).

Price: 40 PLN

You can purchase this publication by emailing us at:  ksiegarnia@msl.org.pl






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