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Strzemiński from S to I. Educational-artistic project accompanying the exhibition of Władysław Strzemińskis works

A series of 11 educational-artistic events centring around Władysław Strzemiński’s artistic biography; the activities accompanying the exhibition Afterimages of Life. Władysław Strzemiński and Rights for Art. Curators: Paulina Kurc, Jarosław Lubiak; consultation: Zenobia Karnicka; exhibition design: Katja Strunz.

Lecture. Surveillance
ms2,, 19 Ogrodowa St.
3rd February 2011, Thursday, 6.18 pm.
A lecture on the history of the first half of the 20th century and its influence on Strzemiński’s life.

Workshop. Neoplastic
ms, 36 Więckowskiego St.
10th February 2011, Thursday, 6.18 pm.
Workshop The Neoplastic Artists in the Neoplastic Room at ms.

Workshop. Szósta! Szósta!
ms2,, 19 Ogrodowa St.
17th February 2011, Thursday, 6.18 pm.
A workshop in constructivist typography with the use of quotations from Strzemiński’s theoretical works.

Lecture. Kobro
ms2,, 19 Ogrodowa St.
24th February 2011, Thursday, 6.18 pm.
A lecture about Katarzyna Kobro as an autonomous creator and initiator of Strzemiński’s activities.




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