The day of free admission is moved to WEDNESDAY from September !
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Regulations for visiting ms1 and ms2

1. You will be admitted to the exhibition rooms only upon a presentation of a valid ticket. Please note that last entry to the exhibition is half an hour before closing time.

2. We reserve the right in our sole and absolute discretion to refuse admission to the museum to persons who are intoxicated or whose behaviour is in any way disruptive or causes or is likely to cause risk, annoyance or disturbance to other visitors or to the collection or infringes the rules of conduct in public places.

3. It is forbidden to bring animals into the exhibition halls (excluding guide dogs and assistance dogs for people with disabilities). Nonetheless, it is possible to enter the museum with a dog (hall, ms1 courtyard, cafe) while respecting the following rules:

3.1. dogs may only be accompanied by an adult, they must be walked on a leash,

3.2. the owner of the dog takes all responsibility; also for possible damages,

3.3. it is not possible to enter workshops attended by a larger number of visitors; the museum may also restrict admission in other exceptional circumstances,

3.4. it is forbidden to enter the museum with dogs that show aggressive behaviour towards people,

3.5. the owner is obliged to clean up after the dog.

4. Touching the artworks and elements of interior decorations is strictly prohibited. Visitors will be held responsible, also financially, for damage to exhibits.

5. Parents and accompanying adults, as well as adults accompanying groups of children and youngsters take care of the children who they accompany and shall be held responsible for their acts.

6. The following behaviour and activities are strictly prohibited:

6.1. possession of weapons, sharp and dangerous objects,

6.2. access to non-public or closed areas not intended for visitors,

6.3. unauthorised use of equipment used for showing films and presentations and placed in exhibition spaces,

6.4. consumption of food and drinks in exhibition spaces.

7. Visitors are permitted to use photographic and video equipment at the museum subject to the following restrictions:

7.1. when it does not disturb other visitors,

7.2. no flash, other photolighting devices and tripods can be used.

8. Photographs and video material shall be intended for non-commercial use only. The museum shall not be held responsible for any infringement of personal interests of tourists and Visitors by a third party or for causing any damage to them when taking photos or filming. When visiting our spaces visitors shall comply with instructions given by the guides, members of staff and security staff of the museum.

9. During the current state of public health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following regulations shall be binding:

9.1. Visitors to the museum are asked to comply with the following recommendations:

9.1.1. use hand sanitising stations at entrances to our buildings,

9.1.2. cover your mouth and nose when inside museum buildings with the exception of the museum courtyard,

9.1.3. maintain 2 meter social distance from other people,

9.1.4. we also kindly ask you to follow all other guidance given by our staff concerning the moving around our exhibition spaces.

9.2. Temporary limits have been put in place on access to the following spaces:

9.2.1. the limit of visitors per exhibition floor has been increased,

9.2.2. the number of participants in educational activities has been increased to 21,

9.2.3. no more than 10 visitors with a guide are allowed at Open Storage in the ms1 location; a guided tour must be pre-booked by contacting us on the phone,

9.2.4. only one person should occupy a lift at any one time in ms1 and ms2 locations, exception is made for the members of the same household,

9.2.5. only one person may use the reading room or archives at the museum in the ms1 location; each visit must be pre-booked by contacting us on the phone or via an email,

9.2.6. no more than 3 visitors with a guide are allowed at the exhibition in the reading room in ms1; visits must be pre-booked by contacting us on the phone or via an email,

9.2.7. the use of the balcony of the reading room is suspended until further notice,

9.3. The opening hours of ms1 and ms2 have been altered:

9.3.1. from Tuesday to Sunday we are open from 12:00 am until 6:30 pm,

9.3.2. on Mondays we will continue to be closed,

9.3.3. the bookstore at ms2 is open from Tuesday and Sunday from 12:00 am until 6:30 pm.

10. Visitors can use the audioguides with their own headphones or they can purchase disposable headphones at the ticket office.

11. Any member of staff may refuse admission to visitors displaying possible signs of infection.

12. The right to collect the personal data (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address) is introduced. The consent of a visitor is required. The purpose of these changes is to notify about a potential contact with an infected person and to assess the risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 infection at the sanitary-epidemiological station. The data will be stored for 30 days.

13. These regulations are valid from June 26, 2021.

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