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Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Underground is the first book to explore the interconnections of art and music in Eastern Europe under communist rule in the 1970s and 1980s. A new generation in the Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia tapped the energy of rock music, punk and new wave to create vibrant forms of visual art. Eschewing both official culture and the lofty principles of anti-communist dissidence, the underground was a zone where alternative ways of living could be imagined and explored. 

Appearing in a bilingual Polish / English edition, this book includes essays by David Crowley and Daniel Muzyczuk on the myths of the underground; on the ways in which improvisation was construed as freedom; on the deep appeal of primitivism amongst artists and musicians in the Eastern Bloc; and on the queering of socialist imagery in performance and video art. It also features translations of eyewitness accounts and samizdat manifestos by writers including Slavoj Žižek, Ivan Martin Jirous and Marina Gržinić.

Published by: Muzeum Sztuki in  Łódź
Texts: Juris Boiko & Hardijs LediņšDavid CrowleyAtilla GrandpierreDurs GrünbeinMarina Gržinić​ Zemira AlajbegovićIvan Martin JirousArtur KozdrowskiDaniel MuzyczukTimur NovikovPiotr RypsonChristoph Tannert, Igor VeritchevSlavoj Žižek
Idea and research editor: David CrowleyDaniel Muzyczuk
Language editor: Agnieszka Hatowska
Coordinator: Ewa Jędrzejczak
Graphic design and typesetting: Artur FrankowskiMagdalena Frankowska Fontarte

ISBN 978-83-63820-52-7
Published in 2016
Format: 18 x 24 x 3 cm
Soft cover
Pages: 446
Illustrations: ca.200 (107 colour and 93 black and white)
Language: Polish-English edition

This publication accompanies the exhibition „NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND. ART AND ALTERNATIVE MUSIC IN EASTERN EUROPE 1968-1994”. The exhibition was on display in Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź between 22.09.2016 - 15.01.2017.

Price: 89 PLN

You can purchase this publication by emailing us at:  ksiegarnia@msl.org.pl






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