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New Wave Floods the Yard

06.08 - 10.09, 9 pm

In the Summer heat, the Museum invites you to relax for a moment while watching Jean-Luc Godard’s films in the ms yard at 36 Więckowskiego Street.

During the screenings, drinks will be served by the ms café staff.
Films are distributed by Kino Świat.

6th August, 9 pm. Breathless (1959)

Perfectly matching the beginning of the New Wave, here is one of the most important debuts in the history of cinema, as important for the 20th century culture as Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring or Joyce’s Ulysses. Apparently it all started with an idea; a man is looking for his fiancée in Marseille and kills a policeman by accident. The rest was to come as they went on working on the film. Contrary to what the legend says, Breathless was not created without a screenplay; Godard had the film “locked” in his head and each day he handed a few sheets of paper with consecutive scenes to Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Based on hardboiled crime fiction a story of a couple running from the police to reach idealised freedom was created. A story as old as cinema itself, but what a way to tell it!

13th August, 9 pm. A Woman Is a Woman (1961)

Anna Karina stars as a stripper who decides to have a baby although her boyfriend (Jean-Claude Brialy) doed not even consider it. The girl turns to his friend (Jean-Paul Belmondo). The first colour film by Godard seems almost unreal and the music also strays far from musical film standards. Despite these facts, the film was considered a milestone in the development of the New wave cinema and karina received a Silver bear award at the Berlin Film festival for her part, Godard received Jury Special Prize at the same event.

20th August Alphaville (1965)

Although the film plot is set on a different planet in a distant future, the film was shot in Paris of the 1960s. the hero is a private investigator who arrives at a planet ruled by a despotic scientist: concealing his real name: Nosferatu. In that world love is the most serious crime. Alphaville reflects on dehumanisation caused by too much faith being put in new technologies and sets grounds for such films as Clockwork Orange and Blade Runner.

27th August, 8 pm Détective (1985)

the official synopsis is the following: „A woman, two men, a love story, a boxing match, mafia…”. For some the film is purely a commercial undertaking; for others – the essence of Godard’s style; playing with narration, pastiche, quotes and allusions to the known and liked films. In addition, the film gathers in one place – the St. Lazare Hotel – the stars that co-created the New Wave films and those without whom the French cinema of the 1980s would not have existed.

3rd September, 8 pm. Made in USA (1966)

Made in USA seems to be a colour version of Le petit soldat set in the Alphaville-world. The heroine, a journalist, attempts to solve the mystery of a murder whose circumstances are surprisingly reminiscent of the political affair of Mehdi Ben Barka. The film, discovered years later, was hailed a masterpiece. It was earlier remembered as the last film starring Anna Karina before she divorced Godard.

10th September, 8 pm. Pierrot le fou (1965)

The screenplay is based on an American crime novel. Karina and Belmondo star, Godard directs. It also features Samuel Fuller on screen: adored by the New Wave artists, underappreciated in the USA at the time, the author of cheap crime thrillers. It is not by chance that Pierrot le fou is considered the essence of New Wave cinema.




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