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Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz. Monograph. Volume II

This volume was motivated by a desire to re-think and critically reflect upon present activities of  Muzeum Sztuki in Łodz. To start with, six artists and a philosopher were asked to comment on Muzeum’s activities.

Their contributions became the base for curators and invited researchers’ considerations on the mission and practice of the Łódź institution. As a result, we have a selection of diverse contributions, which answer one and the same question: how, using contemporary artistic and institutional practice, can we re-work and effectively develop leading ideas of modernity.

„Editors rely on readers’ intuition and imagination as much as on purely intellectual reflection, which makes the book truly remarkable. If this volume becomes the paragon of standards applied to comprehensive approach to the past, our institutions of culture will surely be proposing a widening perspective and personal development to its visitors”.
Dr habil. Anna Markowska

Published by Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz
Editing by: Daniel Muzyczuk, Magdalena Ziółkowska
Publishing coordinators: Andżelika Bauer
Graphic design and typesetting: Poważne Studio: Małgorzata Frąckiewicz, Tomasz Głowacki, Alicja Kobza

ISBN 978-83-63820-28-2
Published in 2015
Dimensions: 18 x 24,5 x 5 cm
Cover: hardback
Language: Polish 
Number of pages: 479
Illustrations: ca. 239 (82 black&white and 157 in colour)

Price: 100 PLN

You can purchase this publication by emailing us at:  ksiegarnia@msl.org.pl






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