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Museum council

The task of the Council is supervision over the Museum’s performance of its responsibilities towards its collection and towards society, in particular, over the objectives specified in the Museums Act and the Statute of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź.

The responsibilities of the Museum Council members include assessing, at least once a year, the activities of the Museum, reviewing the long-term activity plans and annual activity plans outlined by the Director, alongside the financial plans as well as annual reports of the Museum’s activities.

List of members of the Museum Council at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź:

              • Mr Piotr Bernatowicz, PhD
              • Ms Monika Ciupa
              • Prof. Jacek Friedrich
              • Mr Janusz Janowski, PhD
              • Ms Agnieszka Komar-Morawska
              • Mr Dawid Mazurkiewicz
              • Prof. Krzysztof Polkowski
              • Ms Barbara Schabowska
              • Mr Mateusz Sowa
              • Mr Jerzy Starak
              • Prof. Andrzej Szczerski
              • Mr Przemysław Wachowski, PhD
              • Prof. Andrzej Szarek
              • Prof. Jerzy Fober
              • Ms Monika Krygier, PhD

                Museum Council at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź operates in the scope and in accordance to the rules outlined in the Museums Act of the 21st November 1996 (Law Gazette of 1997, No 5 pos. 24, art. 11, with later amendments).

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