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Magdalena Fernandez

ms1, Więckowskiego 36

Invited by the Muzeum Sztuki, Magdalena Fernandez, whose work will become a part of ms collection, will visit Lodz. The artist will present her work Ara ararauna, previously shown at the 2009 Venice Biennale, now as a part of the exhibition Neoplastic Room. Open Composition .

The meeting with Magdalena Fernandez will take place on Wednesday, the 7th of July at 7 pm. at ms cafe.

Ara ararauna is a Latin name of a parrot inhabiting South America and one of the most characteristic bird-emblems of Venezuela. Its distinctive colours – blue and yellow – have filled the geometric fields appearing in Magdalena Fernandez’s video. The colours are also present in Piet Mondrian’s paintings, whose composition is also in a way repeated in the Ara ararauna work. The video, which at first glance appears to be still, vibrates in response to the sounds the parrot makes, transmitted every now and then from the loudspeakers. For Mondrian – one of the first artists experimenting in the field of abstraction, the creator of Neo-Plasticism of the 1920s – nature constituted the departure point. He reduced it in his paintings until he reached the effect of “pure plasticism”. Fernandez instigates movement in the opposite direction: she introduces nature back into the abstraction. She thus interprets the whole field of the 20th century art anew and, consequently, re-interprets the tradition of constructivism as well, the tradition that lays at the foundations of Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz and determines the character of its collection and the institution’s profile. Adjacent to the Neoplastic Room, designed by Władysław Strzemiński in 1948, Ara ararauna enters a subversive dialogue with it.


The exhibition Neoplastic Room. Open Composition (vernissage at ms on the 6th of July at 6 pm.) was created as a result of inviting contemporary artists, whose works in a way enter a dialogue with Strzemińśki’s work. Projects by the Twożywo Group and Jarosław Fliciński were prepared especially for this event; the works of Daniel Buren, Magdalena Fernandez, Igor Krenz, Grzegorz Sztwiertnia, Elżbieta Jabłońska and Julita Wójcik will also be presented. The Neoplastic Room, which is an inspiration and the departure point of the projects, was restored to its historic shape: it has yet again become the room for exhibiting the works by Katarzyna Kobro, Henryk Berlewi and Theo van Doesburg.




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