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Galeria Wschodnia. Dokumenty 1984-2017 / Documents 1984-2017

The book "Galeria Wschodnia. Dokumenty 1984-2017 / Documents 1984-2017" is a monumental presentation of the history of one of oldest artist-run spaces in Poland. Galeria Wschodnia is an important example of a successful self-organisation type initiative of artists and a centre whose history is symptomatic of the evolution in the movement of independent galleries. This crucial spot on the map of Polish art also confirms how many shades of meaning are hidden under the notion of independence.  

Galeria Wschodnia was founded back in 1984 on the initiative of, among others, Jerzy Grzegorski and Adam Klimczak, who took over a flat in Wschodnia Str. No. 29 from and Panthalon Theatre Company run by Jarosław Orłowski, Piotr Bikont, and Wojciech Czajkowski. The place which used to be the meeting platform for different creative initiatives where rehearsals, jazz jam sessions and political activism were normal everyday activities from the mid-1980s has become a remarkable home for independent art.  Gallery and its founders were also engaged in prominent art initiatives based in Łódź, such as subsequent editions of the Construction in Process event or the Artists’ Muzeum. The leading artistic forms on the gallery agenda were installations and performances which is a clear indication of its strategy seeking to ensure the expansion of artist’s autonomy. After all, artist-run galleries were established to give artists total control over the conditions in which their art is exhibited.

The main part of the book includes a detailed in-depth study of Tomasz Załuski focused on gallery activities and discussed against a wider context of operations pursued by other, similar centres and organisations. There are also archival texts connected with Wschodnia written by: Jerzy Busza, Jolanta Ciesielska, Maciej Cholewiński, Adam Klimczak, Maria Morzuch, and Józef Robakowski. The content is supplemented with materials linked with the jubilee exhibition of the gallery organised in the Muzeum Sztuki in 2014, the timeline of events, and rich photo archives, which are indicative of the diversity of artistic forms hosted ever in Wschodnia.

The book is published by Galeria Wschodnia / Fundacja In Search Of..., and the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź is its co-publisher. It received financial support from the City of Łódź Office under its Publishing Programme.

Publisher: Galeria Wschodnia/ Fundacja In Search Of..., Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi
Texts by: Tomasz ZałuskiDaniel MuzyczukJerzy Busza, Józef RobakowskiJolanta CiesielskaMaria MorzuchAdam KlimczakMaciej Cholewiński i Mikołaj Iwański 
Translation: Katarzyna GucioMaciej ŚwierkockiElżbieta Wysakowska-Walters
Idea/ scientific editors: Daniel MuzyczukTomasz Załuski
Editor: Anna Wiśniewska-Grabarczyk
Publishing coordinator: Ewelina Chmielewska 
Design: Piotrek BDSN Okrasa 

ISBN 978-83-63820-86-2, ISBN 978-83-63730-05-5
Publication year: 2019
Format: 23,5 x 16,5 x 4,5 cm
Binding: soft cover
Pages: 916
No. of illustrations: ca. 501  (11 colours and 490 black&whites)
Language: bilingual Polish-English edition

Price: 80 PLN

You can purchase this ublication by emailing us at:  ksiegarnia@msl.org.pl






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