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Old Masters Gallery at the Herbst Palace

The album contains reproductions of the most interesting paintings from the collection of Herbst Palace Museum. It attracts attention with a white square partly covering the painting reproduced on the cover – it annoys, surprises, makes readers curious. 

On opening the album a reader is introduced to the history of the collection and has an opportunity to look at high-quality artwork reproductions. They include Napoleon on Horseback by the convention-breaking painter-aristocrat Piotr Michałowski, Mother's Portrait that brought international acclaim to Henryk Rodakowski and Playing Crocquet by Leon Wyczółkowski – an inteligent game of light. The remaining ones are well worth discovering.

Published by Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi
Concept and editing:  Dorota Berbelska
Graphic design and typesetting: UVMW
Publishing coordinators: OPEN5

ISBN: 978-83-63820-03-9
Published in: 2012
Dimensions: 22 x 28 x 2 cm
Cover: hardback
Number of pages: 130
Illustrations: ca. 90 (84 in colour and 6 black&white)
Languages: Polish and English

Published in conjuction with the opening of the Gallery of Historic Art


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