Robert Morris. Notes on Sculpture. Texts

The publication contains artist’s essays concerning his own oeuvre and comments to the assumptions adopted by artists who created in  the spirit of Minimal and Conceptual art in the 1970s and 1980s.  

Construction in Process 1981 - A Community that Came?

The publication is a compelling selection of texts and an album with photo documentation of the historic event and the exhibition that commemorated it organised by Muzeum Sztuki in April 2011.       

Mirages of Józef R.

Catalogue that documents the project realised by Józef Robakowski in 2007 in Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź.      

You come, we will show you what we do

The first publication in Poland ever totally devoted to improvisation. One of the few publications concerned with contemporary dance.        

Zygmunt Krauze - Spatial Music

CD with compositions by Zygmunt Krauze to the first Polish sound installation created together with Teresa Kelm - architect and Henryk Morel - sculptor in 1968.     

Pole, Jew, Artist. Identity and Avant-garde

The book accompanies the exhibition under the same title, which presents the oeuvre of Polish avant-garde artists of Jewish extraction.   

111 works from the Collection of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź

An album featuring 111 the most precious works of art in the collection of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź.     

The ABC of Muzeum Sztuki

English version of the guide to the Muzeum’s permanent exhibition.    

Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. Monograph. Volume II

The volume was motivated by a desire to re-think and critically reflect on present activities of  Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź.    

Andrzej Czarnacki. Stubborn Inclination

Catalogue for the exhibition „Andrzej Czarnacki. Stubborn Inclination” with several dozen reproductions of artist’s works, his philosophical text, and essays by Monika Murawska and Paweł Polit.   

Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. Monograph. Volume I

Publication devoted to the history of the institution whose core activities centre around the International Modern Art Collection of the ‘a.r.’ group.                            

Travels with Anna Maria

The life of Anna Maria Herbst as told by herself. Book for children beautifully illustrated by Katarzyna Bogucka.    

A Book to See

Publication suitable for people of any age; includes exercises, games and ideas that open the reader to art and stimulate imagination. It tells us how to look to see more.    

Art not Long Past. Collection in Muzeum


Old Masters Gallery at the Herbst Palace


The Guide to the Herbst Palace (Polish/German)

120- page, brilliantly illustrated guide to the interiors and gardens of the Herbst family residence.

Polish-German edition.        

The Guide to the Herbst Palace (Polish/English)


Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin: Incidents, Events, Circumstances, Accidents, Situations


Cezary Bodzianowski - this Place is Called the Hole


Relations Disrelations


The Unleashed Forces. Angelika Markul and Contemporary Demonism


The Themersons and the Avant-Garde


DADA Impuls/e. Egidio Marzona Collection


Teresa Żarnower (1897-1949). An Artist of the End of Utopia


Afterimages of Life. Władysław Strzemiński and Rights for Art


For Encouragement to Museum. The Collection of the Lodz Association of Encouragement of Fine Arts


Correspondences. Modern Art and Universalism


Constellations: Art and the Experiences of Modernity

Texts by art researchers included in the publication that place the experience of modernity in the perspective of Walter Benjamin’s philosophy.

Effectiveness of Art

Publication concerned with one of the fundamental problems of contemporary art: its potential and expected effectiveness.    

Krzysztof Wodiczko. On Behalf of the Public Domain

The publication retrospectively introduces us to artistic practices of Krzysztof Wodiczko, primarily to all his works concerned with marginalised groups, democracy and anti-war projects.   (English edition)         

Nomana. Magda Moskwa

Album, which documents this year’s retrospective exhibition and presents the most important works  in the artist’s oeuvre.                   

Władysław Strzemiński. Readability of Images

The book makes an attempt to re-interpret rich theoretical thought of Władysław Strzemiński.  

The publication documents an international conference on theories of vision. 

I Open the Temple of Memory. The Czartoryski Collection and the Emergence of the Idea of Museum in Poland

A series of essays introducing the reader to the exceptional Czartoryskis’ collection and the history of the oldest Polish museum.    

A Machine for Communicating. Around the Avant-garde Idea of New Typography

The book discusses issues connected with the idea of new (or functional) typography. An anthology that examines sources, mechanisms and effects of the interest of Avant-garde artists in graphic design.   

Ewa Partum. Nothing Stops the Idea of Art

Publication focused on Ewa Partum’s oeuvre - precursor of conceptual, feminist, and critical art in Poland. It includes papers that are trying to grasp the phenomenon of her art and provide documentation of her works.     

Untimely Stories

Publication accompanying the exhibition Untimely stories.

Katja Strunz Zeittraum


Emotikon Rumas / Wyrzykowski

This project by Robert Rumas nad Piotr Wyrzykowski was first presented in the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź in 2011.

Frankness and Blague. The Etcs of Łódź Kaliska's Works 1979-1989

The exhibition catalogue Frankness and Lies.

Hearing. Listening to Hearing (Prze/Słuchanie. Słuchając Prze/Słuchania)

Hearing by Robert Morris was created in 1972 and was exhibited in the same year at Leo Castelli’s gallery.

Michałowski and Goya

Can art help cultures and nations to communicate? Can it contribute to constituting an intercultural dialogue?

Workers Leaving the Workplace

The book Workers Leaving the Workplace has been written to in connection with the exhibition of the same title.

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