ASP Gallery (Strzemiński Academy of Art Gallery),  Piotrkowska 68, Łódź


26.05.2017 - 14.06.2017

Project supervisors

Robert Kuśmirowski, Joanna Sokołowska

The exhibition is the result of a series of workshops organised by the Muzeum Sztuki and the Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź.

It is the second time already that the Strzemiński Academy of Art cooperates with the Muzeum Sztuki, creating an opportunity for the students to work with artists and curators within this artistic and educational project. The series of open workshops introduces both theoretical and practical aspects of working in the field of contemporary art.

This year’s project was named "Working Space", and its program - developed by the artist Robert Kuśmirowski, the curator of the Muzeum Joanna Sokołowska and the head of the Multimedia Laboratory Łukasz Ogórek - introduced the students into various forms of presenting and mediating art. In the first part, the participants were confronted with practical and conceptual aspects of exhibition making and types of artistic institutions. They also learnt about cooperation with curators. The focus of the second part was on exercising the opening of the hermetic creative process to otherness within and outside of oneself. The students experimented with ways of articulating their own ideas in the form of art books in which they created fictitious institutions, exhibitions and artistic attitudes – the figures showing a spectrum of artistic assumptions and personalities, often needing to confront their own tamed beliefs. The exhibition presents the books created by students representing the title "working space", the kind of notebooks showing the development of the artistic concept and the projects carried out within this series of workshops.


Mateusz Bidziński, Grzegorz Demczuk, Agata Gansiniec, Eliza Gawriołek, Adrianna Gołębiewska, Witold Gretzyngier, Bogna Juchnowicz, Marta Krześlak, Karolina Lipińska, Małgorzata Pawlak, Katarzyna Pomorska

A series of workshops open to students of all faculties is carried out by the Multimedia Laboratory run by Łukasz Ogórek and Anna Bąk.

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