Opening: 14 October, Friday, 6.00 pm.

WIKIzeum is an educational-artistic project of the Economy of Gift series. History behind the event has its roots in August 1981, in the “carnival of Solidarity”, when Joseph Beuys arrived at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. He donates a wooden crate containing a collection of almost 300 works covering 30 years of creative activities. The visit, unpacking the collection and commenting on it is given a status of an artistic action Polentransport 1981 by Beuys himself.

Nothing was coincidental. The year 1981 was the 50th anniversary of founding Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź: the first European museum of avant-garde art and the only “open” museum behind the Iron Curtain. Polentransport 1981 is also a transport of an idea, a vehicle of transforming a man and social space, crucial to Beuys. The artist claimed that everything that transformed reality was sculpture. In his Theory of Social Sculpture each man is an artist because of the creative potential he/she holds. Accumulation of the energy of particular people leads to transformation of consciousness of whole societies outside the system of government, political parties by means of direct democracy. According to Beuys, this conception was embodied by the solidarity movement. In Polentransport 1981 everything becomes a unity: art, ethics and politics.

WIKIzeum will present the activities of the artist – his artistic-social utopias – as completed. It will demonstrate that we are the beneficiaries of Beuys’ ideas from 30-40 years ago (although perhaps not in all of its aspects); beneficiaries unaware of the benefit. The project will deal with three threads in the artist’s activities: the eco-humanitarian thread, social sculpture thread and the free university thread.

The WIKIzeum project will consist of an exhibition, artistic actions and a series of lectures, meetings and educational activities. Heal The World exhibition has been co-created by Karol Radziszewski. Artistic actions – interventions in public space, interpreting Beuys’ own ideas and performances – have been prepared by, among others, Julita Wójcik and Paweł Passini. The guests of the lectures and meetings, co-created by Kuba Szreder and The Free/Slow University of Warsaw will include activists, leaders of public benefit organizations, researchers of the field of freedom.

Curator: Leszek Karczewski


A workshop for adults accompanying temporary exhibitions.
How to Explain a Work of Art to a Dead Hare?
ms2, 19 Ogrodowa St
20 October 2011, Thursday, 6.18 pm.
28 October 2011, Thursday, 6.18 pm.

Series: A Quarter of an Hour in a Square
Conducted by: Agnieszka Wojciechowska Sej
Just as the title says: short, concise, with tongue in cheek. Workshops prepared especially for grown-ups.
Registration required. Phone no 605 060 063.

Family workshop for children above 4 with parents.
In Bańkowice in the Streets
ms2, 19 Ogrodowa St
22 October 2011, sobota, g. 11.11

Series: Family Squared
Conducted by: Agnieszka Wojciechowska-Sej
Registration required. Phone no 605 060 063.

Educational workshop for children above 7.
Do I Need Anything Except Blue Sky?
ms2, 19 Ogrodowa St
22 October 2011, sobota, g. 13.13

Series: Half a Square For Teens
Conducted by: Agnieszka Wojciechowska-Sej
Registration required. Phone no 605 060 063.

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