Vital Realism of the Koło Klipsa Group

ms1, 36 Więckowskiego Str, Łódź
12 December 2014 - 1 March 2015

Uninhibited vitality, joy of creation and use of life were the most significant traits of the Koło Klipsa Group’s artistic activities. Their spontaneity and affirmation contrasted with the stagnation of the 80s’ everyday reality, affected by the deep political, economic and social crisis. The group opposed the vital realism of their art to the deception of the real socialism.

Founded in 1983 by the young graduates and students of the National School of Fine Arts (presently University of Arts) in Poznan, Koło Klipsa have established their own artistic identity, disassociating themselves from conceptualism dominating in the academic and artistic circles. This identity was based on common experience, thought and action, releasing the power of fantasy and freedom of creation.

The Group’s activities resulted in specific exhibitions seen as common holistic works. To emphasize group authorship, the artists resigned from signing their works. Koło Klipsa have staged six major exhibitions (later re-staged in modified versions). Poor objects and cheap materials seized from everyday surroundings were exploited in order to create the artists’ independent reality.

The exhibition Vital Realism of the Koło Klipsa Group will be at attempt to demonstrate the exuberance and affirmative nature of the group’s activities. The exhibition is going to present all the surviving works and the documentation of the six main exhibitions. Due to adverse circumstances and the impermanence of materials coming from the times of crisis, only a small part of the works have survived to date. As a result, the fantastic world of the Koło Klipsa Group’s exhibitions will be shown as an incomplete though still vivid memory.

Koło Klipsa Group operated in the years 1983-1990. The leading members were: Leszek Knaflewski (1983-1990), Mariusz Kruk (1983-1987), Wojciech Kujawski (1984-1986), Krzysztof Markowski (1983-1990). Other members: Piotr Kurka (1983-1984 ― Exhibition 1, 2), Piotr Postaremczak  (1983-1984 ― Exhibition 1, 2), Robert Moroń (1987-1988 ― film documentation).

Curator: Jarosław Lubiak
Coordinator: Martyna Gajda
Exhibition design: Wunderteam 

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