School years. Beginnings of the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź

ms¹, Więckowskiego 36; ground floor
Opening: Friday, 11th December 2015, at 18:00 hrs

The exhibition concerns the first few, the pioneering years of the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. The exhibition spans from the beginning of the school, through the formation of its curriculum until the moment Władysław Strzemiński was dismissed.

The exhibition is based on the documents stored at the Academy and works from the collection of Muzeum Sztuki. It strives to communicate experiments, creative freedom of the first lecturers and students. It is also a testimony to the influence of Władysław Strzemiński and his lectures on the history of art and composition. This influence can be seen in the works of students painted in the open air sessions with Strzemiński.

The early years are represented by works prepared before 1950. The exhibition is an opportunity to see the works of Stefan Wegner, Bolesław Hochlinger, Roman Modzelewski (all of them were lectures at the time) and early works of some of the students, including Sławomir Fijałkowski, Lech Kunka, Stefan Krygier, Judyta Sobel, Andrzej Strumiłło and Bolesław Utkin under one roof.

According to the assumptions, the school was to ensure “the supply of qualified labour resources with top artistic skills to industry” as we read in the letter of Leon Ormezowski, the first Rector, sent when applying to the Minister of Culture for his consent to establish the new institution. The year 1950 is the painful year, in which the staff and the revolutionary programme underwent a dramatic change.  Soon after Władysław Strzemiński was made redundant, also his assistant, the chancellor of the university – Stefan Wegner was  asked to leave. Stefan Wegner was the only person who shared  views on artistic work with Strzemiński. The authorities forced them to leave and thus ended a certain era in the development of the Academy. A return to this was only possible after 1956.

The exhibition prepared jointly by the Academy and Muzeum Sztuki is meant to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the State Higher School of Visual Arts, today’s Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts.

Curators: Anna Saciuk-Gąsowska (Museum) and Wojciech Leder (Academy).
Visual identification of the exhibition: Olga Zielińska (last year’s graduate of the Academy)
Exhibition layout: Joanna Góra-Raurowicz (this year’s graduate of the Academy)
Coordination: Michał Nowakowski

The exhibition will remain open until 31st January 2016.

The exhibition was co-founded by Marshal Office in Łódź


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