Prototypes: Fashion House Limanka. New Collection



ms1, Więckowskiego 36


22 February - 21 April 2019


Maria Morzuch


Przemysław Purtak, Andżelika Bauer

Graphic design

Michał Dąbrowski

At Fashion House Limanka we believe that fashion is a sum of small things: how we live, how we breathe, speak or create. All of them are always in the avant-garde. We are people with passion who, like you, want to become a revolution!  On the 22nd February, our brand opens its first original showroom at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź – an institution holding one of the oldest modern art collections in the world. We have used this unique collection to design a New Collection for you.

Avant-garde prints, plagiarism and collective care for continuous growth of oversupply of art and fashion make up the DNA of our brand. We want to play a prominent role in flattening complex art concepts. While designing our products and stores we are trying to adopt the perspective of appropriation and commercial approach to art. We want our clothes to support the growth of your symbolic capital and our stores to turn into exceptional exhibitions. Long live the surface! 

The BURDEN blouse, which you can try on at our store, is an excellent example of how we combine our two biggest passions: theft and trashiness. BURDEN is a direct copy of a work by this avant-garde art pioneer. It is made of environmentally-unfriendly polyester, which will remain a traditional, non-degradable component decorating nature for another 150 years.  Check if this performance suits you well and visit our showroom at ms1 Gallery.

                                                                                                          Fashion House Limanka


The exhibition is part of a project titled Prototypes aimed at testing this idea using the Muzeum Sztuki's collection. Invited artists will be using the works from the collection to model our contemporary reality. Their interventions will transform the MS collection into a pool of practices and methods waiting to be re-used, updated and animated. This is how we want to counterbalance the “production” of new works in the spirit of environmental friendliness: by re-using the already existing works of art and filling them with new contexts. In 2019 artworks from the MS collection will be creatively approached by Fashion House Limanka, a team bringing together Barbara Kinga Majewska, Michał Libera and Konrad Smoleński, and Carolina Caycedo within three editions of the project.

Prototype – an idea which may become an inspiration for practical solutions that help transforming social reality – provides the framework for the entire next year’s Muzeum programme. Art will be deployed to tell a story about the formation of communities, testing the critical potential of political work but also discovering the genealogy of forms in interventions of individual artists as well as in creative exchanges among diverse artists, which illustrates an assumption, inscribed in prototype thinking, according to which relationships among different works are more important than a single piece of work.

Approached in this way, artistic activity does not illustrate social and political ideas but becomes a laboratory, which generates new solutions that are socially or politically meaningful. A series of planned exhibitions will help developing a catalogue of methods suggesting a wide variety of goals that can be accomplished by using the museum collection. This purposeful confrontation of a museum exhibit with new interventions is an experiment. It will expand the toolkit of artistic means used by the Muzeum Sztuki to fulfil its principal role of a mediator between art and its audience.

Special thanks to: Bartosz Bart, Ignacy Ciszewski, Jakub Dylewski, Alex Freiheit, Aleksandra Grabarz, Martyna Konieczny, Edmund Krempiński, Alicja Kujawska, Anna Malinowska, ms17, Ola Rudnicka, Jana Shostak, Kinga Witkowska, Karolina Wojtas, Anna Zagrodzka


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