Political/Minimal presents 30 works which are formally minimalist and yet also have political content. This contradiction between abstraction and concrete references to reality has come to be used more and more frequently in contemporary art. Sculptures by the artists in this exhibition make reference to classical minimalist forms – shapes in two dimensions such as the circle, the square, and the triangle, and bodies such as the sphere, the cube, and the pyramid. In contrast to self-referential minimalism they invest these forms with stories and political questions concerning what it is to be human, the body, and society. These works are visually attractive and easily accessible, but a closer look – at the material, the surface, the provenance, or the title of the work – transforms an encounter with this art into a complex aesthetic, social, personal, and political experience.

Artists: Adel Abdessemed, Francis Alÿs, Monica Bonvicini, Tom Burr, Annabel Daou, Edith Dekyndt, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Hans Haacke, Mona Hatoum, Damien Hirst, Alfredo Jaar, Derek Jarman, Terence Koh, Kitty Kraus, Klara Liden, Kris Martin, Corey McCorkle, Helen Mirra, Muchen and Shao Yinong, Sarah Ortmeyer, Seth Price, Gregor Schneider, Tino Sehgal, Santiago Sierra, Taryn Simon, Rosemarie Trockel, Aaron Young

Curator: Klaus Biesenbach

The exhibition was prepared by KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin with the support of Capital Cultural Fund, Berlin

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