Pauline Boty and pop-art

ms2, 19 Ogrodowa St 
14th March – 18th May 2014 

Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź and Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

Pauline Boty was the only female artist that contributed  to British pop-art. Despite the unexpected death at the age of 28 she managed to exert significant influence on the British artistic scene of the 1960s next to David Hockney, Peter Blake and Allen Jones.

Muzeum Sztuki will present the first Polish exhibition of her works: from the period of explorations and early experiments to the last paintings with political and social message, expressing celebration and criticism of mass culture of the 1960s. The exhibition will, on the one hand, show Boty’s art in a wider context of British pop-art, and, on the other hand, it will allow visitors to see the artist’s oeuvre from a research perspective, shifting the emphasis from the issue of fetishization of mass culture icons applied so far to feminist perspective (paintings from the This Is Man’s World series) and critical view of the 20th century art.

British pop-art flourished on the tension between fascination with mass culture and critical commentary and attempts of debating political and cultural reality of the 1960s (Cold War, patriarchy, consumerism). To make this context evident and simultaneously show the separateness and originality of Boty against its background the exhibition will also include a selection of artworks by British pop artists from the rich collection  of Wolverhampton Art Gallery: the pieces by Petera Blake, Patrick Caulfield, Allen Jones, Eduardo Paolozzi, Joe Tilson and others.

The partner of the project is Wolverhampton Art Gallery known for its valuable collection of pop-art. Recently, the Gallery has been conducting research into Pauline Boty’s life and work headed mainly by Sue Tate the autjor of books about Boty and co-curator of the exhibition in Łódź. 

The only painting by Pauline Boty owned by any of Polish art institutions is Muzeum Sztuki’s property “My Colouring Book”, donated in the 1970s by the Grabowski gallery in London. The exhibition will be accompanied by an academic publication for the general public about the artist’s life and work as well as the context of British art of the 19 60s; an English-language catalogue published by Wolverhampton Art Gallery will also be available. A rich programme of accompanying events has also been planned. It will focus on contemporary reception of Pauline Boty’s work and on references to her pieces in contemporary art.  

curators: Sue Tate, Maria Morzuch



Partner of accompanying events:

Accompanying events:

Meeting with Sue Tate – the curator of the "Pauline Boty and Pop-art" exhibition
ms2, 19 Ogrodowa St
15th March 2014, Saturday, 4.00 pm. 

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