Mirages of Józef R.

February 20th, 2007 – March 25th, 2007

This project combines in itself features of an exhibition and a film festival. It will present issues associated with development of the art of new media through series of projections, debates, meetings and permanently changing expositions. Selection of works of Józef Robakowski – one of the greatest personalities of the Polish contemporary art – resulting from the individual preferences will be presented at the exhibition. History and present of the Polish experimental film, video, video performance, digital art, etc. - beginning with the first avant-garde projects of Stefan and Franciszka Themerson, through the film experiences of Andrzej Pawłowski, Borowczyk, Lenica, Polański and ending with the works of the youngest generation – will be introduced in a complete but subjective way. There will be also presented documental films of the alternative phenomena of the 1980s - “Pitch-in Culture” and “Orange Alternative”. Environment of the Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna [the State Film, Television and Theatre Academy] in Łódź will be engaged in the project: video works realized in the past years by students of this school will be the newest among all other presented ones within the range of this project. The exhibition is summed up by richly illustrated catalogue.
Exhibition Curators: Maria Morzuch, Józef Robakowski

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