Kamil Kuskowski Muzeum [Museum]

November 4th, 2005 - November 30th, 2005

Kamil Kuskowski graduated from Państwowe Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych im. A. Kenar [the State High School of Fine Arts named after A. Kenar] in Zakopane and then from Akademia Sztuk Pięknych [the Fine Arts Academy] in Łódź. He is a representative of the youngest generation of Polish artists. Already at the end of his studies at the academy, Kuskowski became an assistant in Pracownia Malarstwa i Rysunku prof. T. Śliwińskiego [Painting and Drawing Studio of prof. T. Śliwiński] and since three years he co-runs Międzywydziałowa Pracownia Otwarta [Interdepartmental Open Studio].

Kuskowski’s works are characterized by painting cycles, such as: Dekonstrukcje [Deconstructions], Ukrzyżowanie [The Crucifixion], Barwy Klubowe [Club Colors]. Therefore, exposition of the artist’s works in Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź will be a presentation of the successive cycles.

Monochromatic paintings painted during the last two years are the first cycle. Those abstraction works received titles that relates to the early art. Audio-guides with recorded descriptions of particular themes will be an additional attraction for the viewers. Second cycle refers to the exhibition of Portret młodej kobiety w malarstwie polskim XIX wieku [Portrait of a young woman in the Polish painting of the 19th century], which took place in Muzeum Sztuki in 1970 and is titled Portrety panien łódzkich [Portraits of Łódź Maids]. This cycle, which presents figures in characteristic apparel stylized as historical clothes, was created in completely new technology. It will cause that paintings will slightly change from time to time in front of our eyes. There will be exhibited 20 works included.

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