January 14th, 2004 - February 29th, 2004

Jack Ox is a middle-career artist, born in Denver, Colorado (USA). She studied fine arts at the University of Colorado, the Institute of Art in San Francisco, Yale University and the University of California in San Diego. Between 1980 and 1982 she studied musicology at the Manhattan School of Music in New York, and then probed the problems of phonetics in Phonetik Institut in Cologne. She has since learned 3D modelling on the computer.
Since the beginning of her artistic career she has been working on a system which would allow her to transcribe a work of music into visual images. She is particularly careful about the transformation of text and music, so that its visual equivalent might represent all sound nuances as objectively as possible. Following the rules Jack Ox sets down, music takes on a visual form, while arbitrary decisions of the artist play only a marginal role in that process. She has developed systematic use of metaphors, thereby also contributing to the meaning in a poetic way. In this way Jack Ox translated into the language of painting numerous musical works, from Gregorian chants to the dadaist Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters.

Our exhibition presents fragments of the 8th Symphony in C-minor by Anton Bruckner and the said Ursonate transcription of which undoubtedly belongs to her best works. The piece, composed in the years 1922-1932, for a long time was considered lost - only its text and small musical fragments were known. Having searched for the original recording for many years, Ox finally found it and in 1993 persuaded the Wergo record company to publish it. A CD recording of Schwitters' work forms the musical background of our exhibition which - not counting the visual version of Ursonate - includes also drawings (Merzbau, among others), whose specially treated and prepared fragments served as basic elements of visual images.

The last work of the exhibition is the artist's most recent multi-media creation, called Color Organ, which integrally links virtual reality with the music composed exclusively for this purpose.
Our presentation is the first exhibition of Jack Ox's art in Poland. So far she has shown her works, for example, in the USA, Germany, Italy, Holland, Austria.

The exhibition organized under the auspices of His Excellency of Federal Republic of Germany in Poland and Mr. Mieczysław Teodorczyk, Marshall of Łódź Province.
In behalfe of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź we wish to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Federal Republic of Germany and Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. for significant help with organization of the exhibition.

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