Frames of Reference. Choreography in the Museum

ms¹, Więckowskiego 36
5 April 2016 - 8 May 2016 

Artists: Alex Baczyński-Jenkins, Przemek Kamiński, Ramona Nagabczyńska, Anna Nowicka, Magdalena Ptasznik, Agata Siniarska, Iza Szostak, Kasia Wolińska, Marta Ziółek

The experiments in the field of dance in the second half of the 20th century resulted in an expansion of the notion of choreography. Nowadays choreography, as a cluster of various practices developing on the verge of the arts, does not to have to be understood exclusively as composing the movement of bodies or notation of dance. Choreographic tools are being used to produce relationships between heterogenous elements in structures organising time and space as well as to inquire into their dynamics and intensities. Choreography enables us to think critically about corporeality, subjectivity, performativity and the conditions of art production. It can be understood as sensual analysis, on the intersection of what is intimate, social, political and aesthetic.

The exhibition "Frames of Reference. Choreography in the Museum" focuses on choreographic practices and the modes of presentation of performative actions in collaboration with a group of Polish choreographers. The artists were invited to temporarily use the first floor of Museum Sztuki on Więckowskiego Street as a space for rehearsals and research. During their stay in the museum, during regular opening hours, they are going to return to concepts and strategies present in their previous works, looking for ways to open their practice to visitors. In the second half of April they will move from the exhibition space, leaving behind scores, objects, documents and situations to be experienced by the audience until the May the 8th.

The actions of the artists and their traces will present the possibility to re-think the meaning of movement, attention and multi sensual perception in our constantly actualised relations with and to the environment. What drives our attention? What part do emotions, affects and imagination play in our perception? How does the object of our gaze influence our actions? How are our bodies composing with the dynamics of movement of other elements in our reality? What is our frame of reference?

Curators: Katarzyna Słoboda, Mateusz Szymanówka


5.04.2016, ms¹ (Tuesday)

Beginning of the exhibition. Most of the artists will be working at the Museum from April 5th until the 10th (Sunday), some of them will stay there until April 14th.

9.04.2016, ms¹ (Saturday) from 11 am until 7 pm

11 am–2 pm Choreographic workshops

3 pm–6 pm Open choreographic actions

6 pm Discussion with the artists led by Mateusz Szymanówka

16.04.2016, ms¹ (Saturday) 5 pm

Curator’s guided tour by Mateusz Szymanówka

23.04.2016, ms¹ (Saturday) 5 pm

Curator’s guided tour by Katarzyna Słoboda

8.05.2016, ms¹ (Sunday) 5 pm

Choreographic action by Alex Baczyński-Jenkins

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