Eduard Steinberg. Letter to Malevich

15/09/09 – 31/10/09

Letter to K. S. (Kazimir Severinovich Malevich) was written in 1981 when Eduard Steinberg (born 1937, Moscow) first saw Black Square against white background at a Moscow exhibition. The exhibition in Łódź uses the letter as a motto, defining the artist’s area of interest, focused on the interpretation of the 20th century avant-garde. The allusions to Malevich in his works are clear. However, they are not based on simple imitation. They constitute a creative continuation of Malevich’s way of painting. Even those paintings by Steinberg that are apparently fully governed by the strict discipline of geometry, feature organic forms, loaded with meanings that they acquired throughout centuries. Thanks to those simple symbols, Steinberg’s geometry is full of life, freedom and creativity. This kind of creative dialogue with Suprematism is particularly interesting as the artist’s contribution to the re-interpretation of tradition. The exhibition, prepared together with Polish Modern Art Foundation (Fundacja Polskiej Sztuki Nowoczesnej) is the first individual display of Eduard Steinberg’s works in Poland. Apart from the exhibition in Łódź, the artist’s works will also be shown in Piotr Nowicki Gallery in Warsaw (17/09 – 21/10/09)

Curators: Anna Saciuk-Gąsowska – Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź and Piotr Nowicki – Polish Modern Art Foundation (Fundacja Polskiej Sztuki Nowoczesnej). Cooperation: Sarmen Beglarian.

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