The inspiration for the exhibition Chamber of Light was Józef Robakowski’s, the precursor of media art in Poland, interest in themes connected with light. The artist was preoccupied with the theme from the moment of making his cult film Test (an image of pulsating light), through the period of his activity as a member of Film Form Workshop, to a joint project realized in cooperation with Paul Sharits titled Attention: Light!
Chamber of Light is an exhibition consisting of objects-neon lights, films, video, photos by such artists as Bruce Checefsky, Michael Snow, Paul Sharits, as well as Andrzej Pawłowski, Antoni Mikołajczyk and Kazimierz Bendkowski of Film Form Workshop, and representatives of younger generation: Stefan Nitosławski and Wojciech Puś.
The inspiration for many works included in the exhibition, visible also in Robakowski’s art, are projects of pure cinema of the inter-war avant-garde of the 1920s experimenting with the theme of light in film image. The example of direct inspiration is the work by Bruce Checefsky, who reconstructed a lost film by Franciszka and Stefan Themerson Pharmacy’s (1930). Also the exhibited Kineformy (1957) by Andrzej Pawłowski, based only on the existence of light as a source of a media event, has its source in the tradition of film avant-garde.
Chamber of Light also presents the works of the artists associated with Film Form Workshop for whom the theme of light in photography and film was a key issue. It can be seen in the presented photos City Scores by Antoni Mikołajczyk who made the effect of light the central theme of the whole series of the same title.
The exhibition has been constructed basing on three collections: that of Exchange Gallery, Muzeum Sztuki in Łodź and private collection of Dariusz Bieńkowski. The first would not have existed if it had not been for Józef Robakowski’s personal contacts, his artistic relationships with other authors which have themselves become an additional background for Chamber of Light constructing a private history of art thanks to which we can trace the exchange of experiences and inspiration among the most important artists of recent years.

Curator: Maria Morzuch
Cooperation: Józef Robakowski

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