Opening 26.05.2009 , 6 pm

ms, Więckowskiego 36

Ausstellung Laibach Kunst – Recapitulation 2009 focus on the visual phenomenon of Laibach. The group which has mainly been linked to the field of popular music in the public consciousness is to be reconsidered as a unique project uniting various media. Laibach was always a multi-dimensional, multi-medial project, breaking traditional boundaries between diverse disciplines. The exhibition tryes to establish a new view to the variety of Laibach visual activities in the framework of the Laibach Gesamtkunstwerk.

In the 80’ Laibach extensively appropriated the specific iconospheres of the 20th century totalitarianisms. Laibach Kunst as initiator of a wider network of collaborating units fertilized the strategies and visual repertoire lateron used and explored by the different groups within the Neue Slowenische Kunst movement. Collectively the departments of NSK established a platform to create a performative dialogue with the state ideology of Yugoslavian self-management and its political praxis.
The artists who throughout the last decades transgressed almost all taboos of so called “political correctness” and largely contributed to a changed western perception of contemporary art in East Europe will now present a retrospective view on their 30 year history of visual production. In Lodz the concept of Laibach Kunst will be presented as the creating force and root of the vast majority of motives that proliferated throughout the work of the entire Neue Slowenische Kunst.
Laibach first introduced the phenomenon described by Slavoj Žižek as overidentification with the system. In former Yugoslavia they were seen as societal and cultural outcasts. For several years Laibach was banned from performing under their chosen name. Such pressures from official sides ironically reverted back into the face of the regime and made Laibach tactics appear even more consequent. Among the internationally recognised art projects, bands or artist groups originating from the former Eastern Bloc countries Laibach will have to be regarded as one of the most influential formations still represented in various countries throughout the world. Today the ideologically overloaded Laibach output is as challenging and disturbing as it was within the era of declining socialist systems of the 80’s.

The current exhibition discovers and displays some of the oldest motifs of Laibach Kunst, reinterpreted by the group. Uncovering the elemental and the brand new in various media and techniques Laibach unveil the paraphernalia of their vivid history: classic large scale paintings, graphics, posters, installations and videos. A major part of the works will be shown for the first time in this form.
Ausstellung Laibach Kunst – Recapitulation 2009 is based on the strategy of confronting archival material with recently created pieces. This exhibition will thus not function along the lines of a typical retrospective. Laibach is an active entity in permanent critique / dialogue with the current reality. The opening will be highlighted by a short sound performance by the members of Laibach themselves.
A programme of special exhibition talks, guided tours by the curators, screenings and video shows as well as a series of lectures has been organized to complement the exhibition.


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