August 4 – September 3, 2010

Galerija Škuc, Stari trg 21, Ljubljana, Slovenia
The project is prepared in cooperation with Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz.

Accretions refers to rhizomatic growth and build up in biological organisms which, if translated into the social world, could be used to imply expansive growth. We appropriate the word as an operational term to both question and intervene into the very construction of aesthetic communities, which is a process of coming together and building up. The starting point of our inquiry is related to artistic sources and references and the ways in which singularity of experience can be shared through a particular presence in specific spatial and temporal configurations of an artistic event. And perhaps the very indeterminacy of these configurations has the potential to bring together an aesthetic community. Thus, the outcome as such cannot be predicted, nor obvious, even for the curators.
Within the division of labour in the art world, exhibition making has often proven to be a practice that entails expectations for professionally established and structured procedures of curating. This includes networking, conceptualization, selection of artists and works, and organisation of events, both creatively and bureaucratically. However, what happens when the process of pre-conceived and pre-designed curating itself becomes dependent on artistic processes and marks a failure of every predetermination? In this, the final product does not come together through professionally defined considerations but through friendship, or political and aesthetic kinship, leaving aside politically correct considerations of representing identities and geographies. Within the temporal span of curatorial work and the exhibition as the ultimate result, there are often transformations, transmutations and transmogrifications which are not always obvious in the final presentation.
In Accretions, we propose to construct a reflective space for communal engagement which is directly involved with the artists` proposal for a work of art, performance and other forms of interventions in a designated time and space.
We have invited five artists from locales in which the curators practice—Roman Dziadkiewicz, Hassan Khan, Sinisa Labrović, Shady el Noshakaty, and Honza Zamojski to collaborate on the accretion of a series of events. We are working with artists who perceive their positions and subjectivity as part of a broader aesthetic community, who question the way in which knowledge and artistic skills emerge and are disseminated, and who are able to translate through diverse registers of knowledge.
We would like to test whether these broader concerns on which the artists were invited to reflect become a departure point for public engagement. The latter includes questions related not only to the (direct and indirect) involvement of the audience/public in the construction of aesthetic experience, but also within the historical, spatial and communal locale of Galerija Škuc in Ljubljana. Negotiating with the Gallery’s specific history and legacy, but also with its evolving present, we propose to turn the gallery into a space in which situational social and artistic relationships are given a space to reflect upon the very institutional and artistic frameworks of the coming together of an aesthetic community through continuous engagement in conversations, attachments and detachments.
The structural and formal questions which the exhibition as an event addresses are questions that complicate the distinction between the process of art production and its final destination or reception. Throughout the event, each day is reserved for a single work produced or enacted by one of the invited artists. Each work is exposed or choreographed (written in time) for a given period to a specific audience which attends an ‘opening’ event every day. Thus what choreography and accretion share is a temporal build up and construction of experience through a process. After this exposure, the work finds a place in the gallery, awaiting other works to occupy the space after each opening. We envision the exhibition as an event through a collection and accumulation of experiences and traces; the art work becoming a trace of its own presence. Through the processual structure of the event, the ultimate result in the form of the final product is never arrived at. In this way, art can potentially become a vehicle to create an aesthetic/political community. In short, we would like to curate a social space, an event or an exhibition as a living organism which evolves and transforms through time. The event always already takes place post-factum; hence, the exhibition as an accumulation of experiences, bodies, spaces and gazes. This exhibition marks an opening for collaborative potential, rather than for presenting the results of collaboration which has already taken place. Collaboration will continue in at least one another location – Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz in 2011.

Curators: Angela Harutyunyan, Tevž Logar, Joanna Sokołowska
Artists: Roman Dziadkiewicz, Hassan Khan, Sinisa Labrović, Shady el Noshakaty, Honza Zamojski

Galerija Škuc:

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