A walk with Andrzej Dlużniewski towards Art

April 27th, 2005 – July 3rd, 2005

Andrzej Dluzniewski (born in 1939, Poznan) is a graduate of Akademia Sztuk Pięknych [Academy of Fine Arts] in Warsaw and a professor of Intermedia. He lives and works in Warsaw. A. Dluzniewski tells with contrariness that he did not want to be an artist and he does not know, if he wants to be one now, because it is “not so attractive nor so easy” – as one of the critics wrote in the catalog of the prepared exhibition. He also studied at the Sculpture Department and obtained diploma for work, which was finally accepted as a sculpture despite that there was not really a sculpture. “However, I realized that I am not going to be a sculptor. I sensed that it cannot be this way that matter decides, if something is or is not an artistic expression, if it is an art or not”. This intuition or reflection on art led Andrzej Dluzniewski at that time “towards the complete liberation of imagination,” when he combined visual picture with text (i.e. Skok [Jump], 1971 – a photograph of a diving tower and text consisting of 27 variations of a jump), and when for example, he expressed his concept of an absent picture and picture of an absent picture (Image of an Absent Picture – 1978 – a photography of a spot on the wall after taking off the picture).

This reflection surely caused that Andrzej Dluzniewski more often poses questions than gives definite answers. Everyone, who would like to go for a Walk with Andrzej Dluzniewski towards Art, can experience it. Leisurely viewer will be able to confront his imagination with author’s imagination, which is sagaciously open to similarities and differences in senses, meanings, both in the visual layer and in the language (material and immaterial). The most important questions concerning our relations with world after all are situated in both layers. The author proposes “a walk” generally through his creation of the years of 1997-2004, with a few jumps back in time: into the year 1964 (Ludzik K – figurant [Manikin K – figure-head] – collage) and 1978 (etc/16p – art book, in which a frame of the text consists of punctuation signs, not letters nor words). After many years, Ludzik K will become “a godfather” of the collages of 2001-2003, shown at the Burlesek exhibition. The collages are serious, monumental and at the same time a facetious play with literature, art, history and human foibles. In turn, collages from a series of Nieoni [Notthem] (1995-1997) are anti-portraits of those people, whom author met and whom he was not able to get to like – figures made of stones or bricks, food stamps, sand, last names or head of Barbie doll. However, art book of 1978 indirectly introduces presented text pictures (coming into being since 1998) and spatial objects, as well as – or above all – metaphor of human thinking that has its reflection in the language (especially in the category of gender) or in the image (color and ideogram symbols). Exhibition is brought to an end with numerous small sculptures made of bronze – Geonauts, earth sailors – small statues of people resembling birds or insects ready to fly away any time, though busy with prosaic activities.

Andrzej Dluzniewski is a winner of the Prize of Katarzyna Kobro, Lodz 2003.

Exhibition catalog (Polish – English) covers review of artist’s creation of the years of 1964-2004, including pictures, photographs, objects, documentation, poetic and philosophical texts, word plays. It also includes critical articles and calendar.

Exhibition concept: Andrzej and Emilia Malgorzata Dluzniewski
Curator: Janina Ladnowska

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