Exhibitions Planned for 2018


Avant-garde and the State


ms1, Więckowskiego 36, all floors

26 October 2018 - February 2019

Curators: Dorota Monkiewicz and the curatorial team

The exhibition and the research project are aimed at looking at the attitudes of Polish artists towards the state apparatus over the period of time covering the 20th and 21st centuries. The politicalness of avant-garde art has been proclaimed many times, but it was also attributed to various ideologies. Versions of political order oscillated between some utopian realizations and the pragmatism of real politics. The variety of presented works, being an expression of different ideologies, outlines a full scale of political attitudes - from leftist to right-wing ones, with particular emphasis on the anarchist attitudes. One of the goals of the project will be to analyse art in terms of political potentials of artistic activities.


The Great War

(working title)

ms2, Ogrodowa 19, ground floor

23 November 2018 – March 2019

Curators: Paulina Kurc-Maj, Paweł Polit, Anna Saciuk-Gąsowska and the curatorial team

The First World War, called the Great War by its contemporaries, changed not only the ideas of ​​what the effects of military conflicts might be, but also regrouped the balance of forces and introduced new borders in Europe, giving an awaited sovereignty to several countries, including Poland. At the same time, its political consequences, related to the fall of the European empires, economic problems and social unrest, led first to the development of communism and then fascism, which were pushing for yet another armed confrontation. As the first conflict embracing the world and radically changing the face of it, the Great War also left a huge social impact and had a significant influence on art, becoming a catalyst for important avant-garde phenomena. The panoramic exhibition consists of the works of Polish and foreign artists, as well as documents from the era, which present either an affirmative attitude to the war, or express horror and condemnation of it. The aim of the exhibition is not only to show the impact the hecatomb of the First World War had on the way the artists saw the world but also to indicate the consequences of it, which contributed to the creation of modern culture.




Une avant-garde polonaise: Katarzyna Kobro et Władysław Strzemiński

Centres G. Pompidou, Paris

24 October 2018 - 14 January 2019

Curators: Karolina Lewandowska, Jarosław Suchan

The largest so far presentation of the art of Kobro and Strzemiński in France is also a project aimed at extracting from this heritage the elements less exhibited before and  associated on one side with corporeality, on the other - with a special way of appreciation Man as a species creature. The exhibition will be built on tensions between positivism, perceived as the ideological context of this work, and the “recurring” moments of non-rationalist thought.


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