Tvp Kultura Channel wins the ms Award

On 26th September during the official award ceremony at the Muzeum Sztuki, the ms Award for 2013 was handed out by Director Jarosław Suchan to the Director of TVP Kultura channel, Katarzyna Janowska. The Award is given to institutions, companies, media representatives and private individualss in recognition of their support offered to the Muzeum.

Thanks to cooperation between the oldest modern art museum in our part of Europe and the Polish TV channel dedicated specifically to culture, each year for a few weeks Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi changes into a film set. This year’s award is meant to be an expression of gratitude to TVP Kultura for most successful cooperation and - at the same time - a reminder that a modern museum is an interdisciplinary and multimedia centre, for which the walls of buildings form only arbitrary boundaries.

The close collaboration between the museum and TVP Kultura dates back to 2010, when a documentary entitled ‘Dream of Modernity’ was shot with the participation of Professor Andrzej Szczerski, the curator of the ‘Modernisations’ exhibition held at the Łódź Muzeum. Subsequent joint productions turned into two main cycles, with the first of them being Zbigniew Libera’s ‘Guide to Art’, meant to present biographies and creative stance of outstanding avant-garde and contemporary artists. Each episode takes the form of a 7-minute-long film collage, composed by one of the most eminent Polish contemporary artists - Zbigniew Libera, whose main objective is to popularise contemporary art and to make the viewers take more conscious and critical attitudes towards modern art. Thus, the motivations behind the series of programmes are similar to those that eighty years ago made Władysław Strzemiński create in Łódź the first Polish collection of avant-garde works.

The second series ‘Kulturanek’ addressed to children and youngsters is meant to introduce the world of contemporary culture to the young audience and to make them move freely and in a creative way within this territory. The main characters of the series are children getting acquainted with art in a very direct way - by creating their own works and through discussions with Leszek Karczewski and Barbara Kaczorowska (from the MS Education Department) and the programme’s guests. The new series to be shown in TVP Kultura this year will present Batman, Witkacy and ironical pastiches of 19th century paintings. What is more, the highly unconventional workshops presented in ‘Kulturanek’ are often a source of inspiration for regular activities of the museum’s education department.

Previous winners of the ms Award:

2009 - Marzena Bomanowska (for the year 2008) for helping to promote the events of  Muzeum Sztuki, in particular the opening of ms2

2010 - Jarosław Przyborowski (for the year 2009) thanks to whom it was possible to purchase Daniel Buren's work Cabane éclatée for the Muzeum’s collection

2011 - Piotr Dzięcioł (for the year 2010), for his assistance in the production of video recordings from every exhibition as a part of the ms opus project

2012 - PEKAO S.A. Bank (for the year 2011)

2013 - Łódź Association for the Encouragement of Fine Arts, for several years of fruitful cooperation with ms and offering the Association’s collection to the Muzeum Sztuki 

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