The Muzeum Sztuki Award for Irena Zieniewicz!

At the end of April, as part of the exhibition Atlas of Modernity. The 20th and 21st  Centuries Art Collection, we will  have a chance to see the work of Irena Zieniewicz entitled Welcome.

The Władysław Strzemiński Competition has been organised  by the Strzemiński Academy of Art since 1983 and is the oldest, largest and most prestigious artistic undertaking of the Academy. The aim of the competition, addressed to the students of the Academy, is to stimulate the creative process, foster the atmosphere of artistic work and creativity. Every year, the best and most original works that have been created in a given academic year are awarded and presented. The competition is open to students between the third and the fifth year of the full-time master's or supplementary studies.  Among the sponsors of the awards there are such significant representatives of public life as: the  Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Marshal of the Łódzkie Voivodship, Voivode of Łódź, Mayor of the City of Łódź, as well as numerous cultural institutions, museums, galleries, companies, institutions and individual people. Every year, one of the artworks, awarded by Maria Morzuch, who is a member of the jury of the competition and a curator of the Muzeum Sztuki, goes to the exhibition of Atlas of Modernity. The 20th and 21st Centuries Art Collection.

Therefore, at the end of April, in the part of the exhibition entitled Emancipation, we will have a chance to experience Irena Zieniewicz‘s sound installation Welcome, presenting the content of the European Convention on Human Rights read in Esperanto. With this, the artist wants to refer to the concepts of humanism and humanitarianism and to allude to the general debate on providing assistance to refugees from the war zones and countries affected by military conflicts.

Attacks on visitors from other cultures are very common in our country nowadays. It seems such behaviour in a culture based on Christian tradition and Christian values ​​could be interpreted as hypocrisy. My work is a reference to the noble idea of ​​Ludwik Zamenhof, who created the language of Esperanto as a medium to facilitate international communication. His concept was to help and connect people all over the world, while respecting their national languages ​​- explains Zieniewicz, adding that the ideology of the European Convention on Human Rights should be the basic legal indicator of our relationships with others.

Irena Zieniewicz - was born on 9th March 1993 in Lublin. In June 2017 she graduated with honours from the Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź with a diploma in Painting at the Faculty of Graphics and Painting. Currently, she is a student of the third year of Sculpture, Intermedia and Spatial Actions. In her work, she discusses such topics as emigration, discrimination, identity, human rights, xenophobia and intolerance. She works in such fields and media as sculpture, installation, site-specific works, painting, artistic graphics and design graphics.

The work of Irena Zieniewicz can be watched and listened to until 25 April at the exhibition of winners of the 35th edition of the Władysław  Strzemiński Competition, and then at the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, where it will be displayed as part of the permanent  Atlas of Modernity exhibition.

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