Sybilla 2017. Grand Prix for the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź

On Monday, 21 May, the winners of the Sybilla Competition for the Best Museum Event of the Year 2017 were announced at the National Museum in Warsaw. The Grand Prix and the main prize in the "art exhibitions" category were awarded to the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź for the 100 Years of Avant-garde in Poland series of events.

The competition, which every year the most important Polish museum institutions apply for, was crowned with the ceremonial gala in which a number of important guests participated. There were, among others, The Deputy of Prime Minister, Minister of Culture - Piotr Gliński and Piotr Majewski - the director of the National Institute of Museology and Collections Protection.

Awards that this year were sought by over two hundred Polish museums were awarded in eleven categories. The Grand Prix of the 38th Competition for the Museum Event of the Year Sybilla 2017 was received by the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź for the 100 Years Avant-garde in Poland - the exhibition cycle of the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź in 2017. The Avant-garde Year cycle also received the prize in the "art exhibitions" category. On behalf of the Muzeum Sztuki, the statuette of Sybilla was collected by its deputy director Maja Wójcik: - “It was a special year for us. Six exhibitions in Poland, Strzemiński and Kobro's exhibition at the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, twelve publications, numerous conferences and educational activities. We are very happy that we have had a chance to present the avant-garde movement so thoroughly and highlight its importance in shaping culture” - she told reporters after the gala.

The jury chaired by Prof.  Wojciech Włodarczyk comprised the following members: Prof. Juliusz Chrościcki, Przemysław Głowacki, MSc. Marcin Krawczyk, Phd Piotr Kwiatkowski, Hanna Nowak-Radziejowska, Alicja de Rosset, Phd Beata Skrzydlewska, Phd Eng. Krzysztof Wisłocki, Dorota Ząbkowska and Szymon Zdziebłowski.

The Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, as an institution with the richest collections of avant-garde art nationwide, had  prepared a series of exhibitions that constituted the first such extensive attempt to reinterpret the avant-garde based on new methodologies and a contemporary humanistic thought. It included such exhibitions as: "Moved Bodies. Choreographies of Modernity "; "The Museum of Rhythm"; "Superorganism. The Avant-garde and the Experience of Nature "; "Enrico Prampolini. Futurism, Stage Design and the Polish Avant-garde Theatre "; "The Organisers of Life. De Stijl, Polish Avant-garde and Design "," Montages. Debora Vogel and the New Legend of the City"; "Katarzyna Kobro and Władysław Strzemiński. Avant-garde Prototypes. "

The exhibitions were accompanied by a publishing series in the form of scientific studies, presenting a number of given issues discussed within their framework and set in the context of the new research methodologies. The museum had prepared a rich public programme as well, which consisted of lectures, speeches, meetings and performative events addressing issues and key problems accompanying each exhibition. Educational workshops for children and youngsters were also organised. The celebration was rounded off by the international conference "The Avant-garde Museum or The Museum of Avant-garde?  Collecting the Radical. " 

The Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, apart from its own exhibition series, initiated the celebrations of the Year of Avant-garde in Poland, which included almost a hundred institutions throughout the country: from national museums, through galleries, festivals, theatres, art academies, research institutes, cultural centres, to regular schools. The museum has also been the coordinator of the nationwide celebrations, creating, among other things, a special web portal presenting the programme of events of all the involved institutions and a review of materials allowing to better understand the nature of the avant-garde and learn about its impact on shaping our times.


The exhibitions at the Muzeum Sztuki were held under the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland - Andrzej Duda

and under the auspices of the Polish Committee for UNESCO:

The exhibition is part of the celebrations devoted to the 100th anniversary of Poland Independence

Main Partner of The Year of Avant-Garde at Muzeum Sztuki

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