The Katarzyna Kobro Award

11th February 2010, 5.00 pm.
ms, Więckowskiego 36

In 2011 the annually awarded Katarzyna Kobro Prize will be moved to Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, which will this way become a co-organizer of the distinction. On this occasion, an exhibition of the works of the previous recipients of the award will be opened. The curator of the exhibition is prof. Józef Robakowski. In relation to the event this year’s laureate of the Katarzyna Kobro award will be announced in December 2011.

The originator of the idea of the annual Katarzyna Kobro award given to by artists to a chosen creator is Józef Robakowski with the initial participation of the late Nika Strzemińskia, the daughter of Katarzyna Kobro and Władysław Strzemiński. The aim of the project is „honouring a progressive and questing attitude of an Artist open to exchange of thoughts and a selfless initiator of cultural events."

The distinction is awarded annually by a body consisting of representatives of various fields of art. The sponsor of the prize is Dariusz Bieńkowski.

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