ZOFOMOMA, multimedia concert of the piano duet ZOFO



Herbst Palace Museum, Przędzalniana 72


16th September 2017, Saturday, at 5 p.m.

Tickets: 8 PLN

The ZOFO duet, thanks to its contemporary repertoire and collaboration with many talented composers from all over the world, boldly marks a new path and begins to stand out from  the other pianists who play music ‘for four hands’ .

This September,  the Herbst Palace Museum we will be hosting the band and the guests will have a chance to hear and see  most of the band’s project called ZOFOMOMA, which in total will consist of 15 music pieces composed especially for ZOFO (the project's premiere is planned for 2018 and will take place in Los Angeles). During the concert at the Herbst Palace, 12 of the planned compositions will be presented. The authors of those compositions, who come from  different cultural backgrounds, as the starting point all chose an inspirational piece of art which is characteristic for and represents the country of their origin. ZOFO takes its audiences on a 60-minute audio-visual journey around the world, where music is accompanied by images. As a result of this approach, we can recognise the Earth not as a geographically divided planet, but as a land of people expressing their diversity and originality through both music and visual arts, which in ZOFOMOMA, different though they are, complement one another forming an inseparable whole.

The band's name is an acronym for the twenty-finger orchestra (where ZO stands for 20 and FO stands for finger orchestra). Since 2009, when two acclaimed solo pianists Eva-Maria Zimmermann and Keisuke Nakagoshi joined forces to form the duo of ZOFO, the group has constantly been delighting the audiences from New York's Carnegie Hall to Tokyo with their talent and original repertoire. Grammy-nominated and Steinway Artist Ensemble winners, ZOFO band focuses on compositions of contemporary musicians, working on a new musical piece with a different composer each year.

Eva-Maria Zimmermann and Keisuke Nakagoshi believe that the piano duo is the most intimate medium, perfect for chamber music in which compositions of two musicians playing their individual parts come together and form a complex and most beautiful choreography written for the four-hands sound.

More about ZOFO

ZOFOMOMA detailed program:

"Le Bassin d'Argenteuil", composer: Gilles Silvestrini (1961, France), artist: Claude Monet (courtesy Musée d'Orsay, Paris)

"The arrival of implacable gifts", composer: Carl Vine (1954, Australia), artist: James Gleeson (courtesy of Art Gallery of New South Wales)

"Dancing with the Torah at Mount Meron", composer: Avner Dorman (1975, Israel), artist: Reuven Rubin (courtesy Rubin Museum Tel Aviv)

"Fangor", composer: Paweł Mykietyn (1971, Poland), artist: Wojciech Fangor (title of painting: "SM 34", courtesy of Gallery Stefan Szydłowski)

"Untitled Skeleton", composer: Jonathan Russell (1979, USA), artist: Stormie Mills (London street art)

"Street Solace", composer I Wayan Gde Yudane (1964, Indonesia), artist: I Made Budhiana

"Holy Peaks of Chichibu at Spring Dawn", composer: Kenji Oh (1982, Japan), artist: Yokoyama Taikan (The Museum of the Imperial Collections )

"Wendung", composer: Cécile Marti (1973, Switzerland), artist: Verena Marti-Buchmann

"Inspector's Scrutiny", composer: Sahba Aminikia (1981, Iran), artist: Nicky Nodjoumi (Taymour Grahne Gallery, New York)

"Night Sea", composer: Samuel Carl Adams (1985, USA), artist: Agnes Martin, Night Sea, The Doris and Donald Fisher Collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art © Estate of Agnes Martin / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

"Paisaje", composer: Pablo Ortiz (1958, Argentina), artist: Eduardo Stupia

"Viajeros", composer: Keyla Orozco (1969, Cuba), artist: Douglas Pérez Castro (courtesy von Christierson Collection, London)

Promenade Theme: Keisuke Nakagoshi

ZOFOMOMA has been made possible through generous funding and support from the Van Dyke Family Foundation.

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