World Music Sounds. Musicians from CBB Ensamble at the opening of the exhibition "Katarina Zdjelar. Between Sounds"

On Friday, 17 June at the opening of the exhibition  “Katarina Zdjelar. Between the Sounds” at ms¹ in Więckowskiego 36 we will have the pleasure to listen to musicians – members of the CBB Ensemble: Azja Kamińska and Wojciech Pęczek from Poland, Ablaye Badji from Senegal and  Norah Mc Gettigan from Ireland. International membership of the band and their music from the category of world music, excellently fit the main idea behind the exhibition to which meetings and clashes of different cultures, elements and traditions play a central role. During the concert, which is one in the series of Music in the Garden meetings  that  accompany the openings of exhibitions at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, the audience will have the opportunity to listen to interesting and original effects that can be produced using instruments, such as balafon, djembe, hang or kora.

Joanna (Azja) Kaminska - a talented singer and clothing designer, founder of AFÖ clothes brand, this young artist is fast making a name for herself. She sings in Malinke and Wolof language. She performs with the CBB Ensemble, The Badji Band, as well as her own individual projects. Azja and Wojtek Peczek also have another group which focuses less on world music and more towards pop – Flower Kissers

Wojtek Peczek - Despite graduating in politics, Wojtek chose career in music as a multi-instrumentalist musician, artist and animator of culture. An acknowledged artist awarded with a Platinum Record for recording with a Polish leading singer Mela Koteluk, has got deep into the wonderful world of drumming with a founder member of the legendary group Dead Can Dance, Brendan Perry in the end of past millenium. Wojtek's initiation into the West African music was thanks to the great master of the djembe, Mamady Keita from Guinea. He has been travelling to West Africa for more than a decade now to explore its traditional music and dance. Wojtek founded Poland's first school of West African Percussion & Dance „City Boom Boom” in 2002 which eventually led to the creation of the CBB Ensemble. He has been ever since a very sought after musician, leader of team-building programmes, holder of inspirational speaches and 'spirit in business' activities.

Norah Mc Gettigan has been a member of the CBB Ensemble for the past 10 years and is both a dancer and a balafon player. She has travelled extensively throughout West Africa since 2007 and has trained with dancers from „Les Ballets Africains” and „Surakata Ballet”. A filmmaker by profession, music has always played an important role in Norah's creative journey and the CBB Ensemble continues to be a deep inspirational source for such creativity. Together with Wojciech Peczek, they created The Night of the Living Drums, a annual celebration of West-African music in Poland today.


Ablaye Badji - Born into a family of Griots, Ablaye is an all-round musician from Senegal. It's no surprise that Ablaye, from a very young age, was fascinated by an array of instruments, like djembe, tama, and sabar, (sabar being his favourite). His grandfather, Kemo Suso was a kora master and thanks to his patience, this instrument soon began to compete with the sabar for Ablaye's attention!! Since then Ablaye has continued to develop his musical talent performing with artists such as: Solo Cissokho, Sadio Cissokho, Maher Cissokho, Seckou Keita and others. He has been performing with CBB Ensemble for the past three years and his firey sabar performances together with his composed and hynotic kora playing is a treat for all in the audience.


Bartek Gułaj has a M.Sc. in economics, but is passionate about music; logger, folk singer, proponent of healthy lifestyle, a formerly an actor for travelling children’s theatre. Since 2003 he is closely related to the West-African percussion music. With the City Bum Bum School of Rhythm, he gives music classes for both children (in schools and kindergartens) and adults (in companies and institutions). He is also the founder of folk band Dzikie Jabłka.

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