Work, Gender and Space. Lecture by Benjamin Cope

ms², Ogrodowa 19
18 November 2015, Wednesday at 18:00 hrs
Admission free

Lecture is an accompanying event of the exhibition All Men Become Sisters

A woman working in textile industry plays the key role in the essay Supply Chains and the Human Condition, in which Anna Tsing makes references to Marxist thought and double checks on its validity.  She highlights an interesting moment, when Marx and Engels, while examining the development of capitalism in the nineteenth century Manchester, the heart of English textile industry, feature a male worker as a foundation of social changes instead of featuring a female worker.

Benjamin Cope – works at  the Laboratory of Critical Urbanism of the European Humanities University in Vilnius and at the Educational Department at Zacheta – National Gallery of Art in Warsaw.  He is an activist in the He is an activist in the Association “Stowarzyszenie MY”. He hosts a radio programme French-English War (under a red, white and blue flag).  He also conducts Vegetable Orchestra Paprykalaba and he plays in Belarusian etno-surrealist Nagual.


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