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26th September 2017, Tuesday, 6 p.m.

Project: MS CINEMA

Tony Conrad: Completely in the Presence is a documentary which presents the life and work of one of America's most important contemporary artists. Conrad, who died in April last year, was a pioneer in every field he chose to devote his time to - from music and film to visual arts and education. He left his unique mark on each of them. After composing the soundtrack to the iconic film Flaming Creatures (1963), he exposed the very nature of movies in his own film, The Flicker (1965). His mesmerising musical compositions, made up of uniform noises and whirrs, fascinated generations of musicians, beginning with The Velvet Underground. In addition to breaking patterns, music also served him to fight against the establishment and the old order. "If someone is punk rock, then this is Tony Conrad," said Henry Rollins. "He made you question everything," adds artist MV Carbon. He was a proponent of the democratisation of television and making its co-creation available to the general public. His diverse, fifty-year career found its culmination in a number of innovative performances that finally brought him world-wide recognition.

Completely in the Present is a collection of materials recorded over about twenty years. The film's director, Tyler Hubby, drew on a rich archive of videos presenting the artist at work and on private collections of Tony and his friends. The non-linear and non-obvious structure of the film perfectly reflects the creative character of its author, who not only was familiar with the concept of a stream of consciousness and other ways of stimulating creativity, but had a characteristic sense of humor as well.

 Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present,

Screenplay and Directing: Tyler Hubby,2016.

Duration: 96 mins. 

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