Tomorrow is Another Day: Paulina Miu Zielińska

ms¹, Więckowskiego 36
20 November 2015, Friday at 19:00 hrs
ticket: 8 PLN

„My name is Paulina Miu Zielińska. Miu is neither the first nor the last name. Miu is me. I am passionate about sound that surrounds us and sound that we can produce”.

Paulina Miu Zielińska develops her activities in two directions but both paths originate from her fascination with the sound of the world around her. On the one hand, she records sounds that accompany us in urban space but also those that we can hear in forests, marshlands or fields. Besides performance art actions, for which she uses effects of her searches and hunting for sounds, the artist composes music for theatre performances and exhibitions. Paulina is also an actress in Węgajty theatre and a co-founder of Polish-German art group KUZKA, in which she creates together with Jan-Tage Kühling. She conducts classes and workshops of creative work with voice within  the framework of Pracownia Głosu Wędrującego.

„Tomorrow is Another Day” is a series of events, in which music meets visual arts, a series combining sound with image, performance and a specific way of identifying sound with the artist personally, her/his gesture or video image. Female artists, who in their works make references to music have been invited to this project. They will explore and examine the power of relations between music and visual arts.

Last year edition of  „Tomorrow is Another Day” focused on the works of male artists. The year 2015 brings a change. This time we invited female artists, who deal with music and audiovisual art to present their approach to sound-based experiments. It is also an attempt to make references to Her Noise, a project that investigates music and sound histories in relation to gender.

Invited guests create their own music, sound and audiovisual performances using electronic sounds. Electric current and anything produced from it make the common denominator. „Tomorrow is Another Day” is a series of events, which try to answer the following questions: What is there in between music and visual arts? What are musical performative actions?

Curator: Joanna Szumacher

Supported by: Feminoteka, FYH!, Glissando, Miej Miejsce, Plaster Łódzki, Radio Żak, Trzecia Fala


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