The 1905 Revolution and new identities in the streets of Łódź

15 December 2016, Thursday, 18.00 hrs., admission free
ms2,  Ogrodowa 19, audiovisual room


A meeting organised in the context of Wiktor Marzec book Rebelia i reakcja. Rewolucja 1905 roku i plebejskie doświadczenie polityczne [ Rebellion and Reaction. 1905 Revolution and Plebeian Political Experience]


Rebellion and Reaction is a study of plebeian political experience during the revolution of 1905-1907. The work undertakes an analysis of workers’ participation in public life and ideological images of the world at the doorstep of ‘political modernity’. It was exactly at that time when the old fundaments of socio-political order began to crack, new societal groups started to demand a political voice and when political languages of modern ideological camps begun to shape. New forms of politics encountered a strong, conservative reaction, which shaped Polish public sphere for a long time to come. The book describes also the nationalist answer to revolution and the change in political thinking of Narodowa Demokracja [National Democracy] before, after and during the revolutionary unrest. The material presented in the book constitutes also a contribution to the research into the evolution of the public sphere in the 20th century Poland and understanding of its today’s condition.


Members of the panel:

Marta Madejska - a specialist in cultural studies and Łódź history and heritage and a publicist, associated with Stowarzyszenie Topografie [Topographies Association] and Gazeta Społeczna ‘Miasto Ł’ [Civic Daily ‘Ł City’]. Currently working on historical reportage about textile industry female workers for Wydawnictwo Czarne [Czarne Publishers].

Wiktor Marzec - a graduate of sociology and philosophy at the University of Łódź. His interests cover historical sociology, theory of discourse, workers’ history, history of notions and political philosophy. He is at the final stage of writing his PhD dissertation at the Faculty of Social Anthropology of the Central European University in Budapest (CEU). The dissertation undertakes research into the attitudes of workers to politics in the Kingdom of Poland at the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries. W. Marzec was awarded research scholarship at - among others - the University of Michigan and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The editor of the section ‘critical social sciences’ of the ‘Praktyka Teoretyczna’ [Theoretical Practice] Journal, he has published in ‘Thesis Eleven’, ‘Journal of Historical Sociology’ and ‘ Eastern European Politics and Societies’.

Kamil Piskała - a historian and editor, specialising in the history of leftist political and social movement from the late 19th century until WWII, as well as social history and political thought of the Second Polish Republic. The author of co-editor of books (e.g. Rewolucja 1905. Przewodnik Krytyki Politycznej, [1905 Revolution. Guidebook by Krytyka Polityczna], Warsaw, 2013). Member of the editorial board of the ‘Praktyka Teoretyczna’ [Theoretical Practice] Quarterly, assistant at the Department of Contemporary History of Poland of the University of Łódź.


Michał Pospiszyl - a philosopher and culture theoretician, assistant at the Department of Philosophy of Politics at the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The editor of Praktyka Teoretyczna responsible for the social philosophy section. In his research work he mostly uses the concepts from Walter Benjamin, Gilles Deleuze, and Giorgio Agamben’s  philosophy. Currently working on a dissertation on popular masses in late-medieval political theology. The author of the monograph entitled Zatrzymać historię. Walter Benjamin i mniejszościowy materializm [To Stop the History. Walter Benjamin and Minority Materialism], he also published in ‘Widok’ [View], ‘Kwartalnik Filozoficzny’ [Philosophical Quarterly], ‘Kultura Współczesna’ [Contemporary Culture], ‘Praktyka Teoretyczna’ [Theoretical Practice], ‘Kronos’ and ‘Civitas’.

Jan Sowa - a sociologist and specialist in cultural studies. Studied Polish studies. psychology and philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and at the Université de Paris VIII Vincennes Saint Denis.  From 2006 the holder of a doctoral degree in sociology and from 2012 a doctor habilitatus in cultural studies. For years a co-author of Ha!art magazine. A collaborator of ‘Praktyka Teaoretyczna’ Quarterly. The author of books Ciesz się, późny wnuku! Kolonializm, globalizacja i demokracja radykalna [Rejoice Our Late Grandson! Colonialism, Globalisation and Radical Democracy], Fantomowe ciało króla. Peryferyjne zmagania z nowoczesną formą [Phantom Body of the King. Peripheral Struggles with Modern Form] and Inna Rzeczpospolita jest możliwa. Widma przeszłości, wizje przyszłości [Other Republic is Possible. Spectres of the Past, Visions of the Future]



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