Sunday at the Museum. Cucumber Time

ms1, Więckowskiego 36, inner courtyard, garden and exhibition space
17 July 2016, Sunday, 12:00–16:00 hrs

Cucumber Time (def.) – formally classified as a phrase, known in British English as the silly season or in American English as the slow news season. The term was coined to describe the cause-effect relationship between the summer break in vibrant cultural life in cities (as theatres, concert halls, comedy theatres, etc. break for holidays) caused by artists’ summer concert tours to spas in the time when cucumbers  are harvested and there is a lack of newsworthy events.

Nowadays, the cucumber time is associated with a slowdown in political life, little attractive TV and radio programmes (frequently repeated), and the emergence of frivolous “sensational” stories in the media to boost circulation and advertising.

In sports the cucumber time refers to time periods (in summer or winter) outside of traditional season-long competitive sporting competitions.

Source: Wikipedia

In cucumber time, Muzeum Sztuki invites you to spend Sunday at the museum. Besides creating a “sensational” event to capture the attention of local newspapers, we would like to add vibrancy to summer cultural offerings in the city. Don’t be a couch potato in cucumber time, join us at ms1!

Younger audience are invited to the ”Secret Garden” workshop where we will try to imagine what the world would look like if  architects used plants morphology as the master structure. How about cucumber-like sky-scrapers, pumpkin-like sports stadiums, fly-like pavements, and seaweed-like streets? During the workshop inspired with our exhibition “Exercises in Autonomy” we will invite you to create an alternative source of energy: “Cucumled”.

Adults who from Monday to Friday are locked up in their offices and do not have time to enjoy the cucumber time will be invited to pickle cucumbers in the open air. We will act in accordance with  eco-spirit as the starting point for our Sunday encounter is the exhibition “Exercises in Autonomy. Tamás Kaszás featuring Anikó Loránt (ex-artists’ collective)”;  a reflection on life on our planet in the face of environmental disaster that threatens the Earth.  Apocalypse, as the Hungarian artist suggests, does not have to look like it is presented in science-fiction movies and to survive in the post-apocalyptic reality the ability to apply knowledge acquired from our grandparents will be much more essential than computer literacy.

In our garden there will also be a „wEKO Exchange” stand where people will exchange homemade jams, jellies and other preserves, clothes and toys. We do encourage you to bring your homemade preserves, clothes that you do not wear anymore, toys that have spent enough time forgotten in the attic. Let’s give them second life and enjoy ourselves by exchanging free-of-charge our clothes and toys. And also let’s open up to new tastes. This campaign will be accompanied by the Summer Garage Sale at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, where we will have the opportunity to acquire collectors’ pieces for proverbial “peanuts”.

To those who besides being in touch with the nature like being in touch with their bodies we can offer Yoga classes with Ewa Szymoniak according to B.K.S. Iyengar method. He developed the model of  ”the tree of Yoga” where: Roots (yama) represent ethical foundations; Trunk (nizama) – individual practice – ethics; Branches (asana) symbolise positions; Leaves (pranayama) represent breathing exercises; Bark (pratyahara) refers to the withdrawal of the senses; Juice (Charana) to concentration; Flower (dhyana) – to meditation and all of them are crucial to produce the Fruit (samadhi) - a state of higher consciousness.

After tiring workshops and having visited the exhibition everybody will be invited to try vegan and vegetarian dishes freshly made on the spot. While cooking, Agata Żyźniewska will be telling us how you can cook such dishes at home.

At the end of the picnic at the museum, which offers food for thought and body we will be served delicious desert by “Dzikie Jabłka” [Wild Apples]. Their music, as they put it themselves, tastes like fruits from the tree in the Polish garden with its roots reaching Africa. Their concert will be an injection of positive energy and a breath of fresh air to all those, who instead of going on holidays will have to go to work on Monday.

“Sundays at the Museum” was a series of events initiated at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź in the 1970 and 1980s. Fashion shows, vernissages, exhibitions, quizzes, meetings with artists – artistic and entertainment events intertwined in the interiors, garden and in the courtyard of the palace formerly owned by Maurycy Poznański in Więckowskiego 36.



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