"Socio-fiction". Meeting with Zbynek Baladrán

ms2, Ogrodowa 19
30 March 2016, at 19:00 hrs, admission free

Zbyněk Baladrán calls his working method an „observational archaeology”. By using excerpts from films, documents and photographs that make references to communist ideology or that were inspired by it, he focuses on ways of displaying memory. Socio-fiction contrasts Communist party Manifesto and texts by Karel Honzík – a functionalist architect with the existing presentations of cities of the then Czechoslovakia. The artist reflects upon the fall of communism and confronts his reflections with considerations on the development of liberal and neoliberal societies of early and late capitalism showing thus the fall of the biggest utopia of the 20th century.  

Zbyněk Baladrán (born 1973) – artist, curator and exhibition designer. He studied history of art at the Philosophical Faculty at Charles University in Prague and in  the Studio of Visual Communication, Painting and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 2001 he co-established Display gallery, which in 2007 was transformed into Tranzitdisplay gallery (http://www.tranzitdisplay.cz/en), where the artist takes care of the programme of exhibitions. Together with Vít Havránek he curated the  Monument to Transformation. He was a member of the team of curators of Manifesta 8 in Murcia, Spain (2010). He took part in the  11th  Lyon Biennale, in Manifesta 5 in Donostia/San Sebastian (2004), and in 56th  Venice Biennale (2013). In Muzeum Sztuki he arranged the exhibition of Ján Mančuška.

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