Reproductive Work, Patriarchy and Capitalism. Lecture by Joanna Bednarek

ms2, Ogrodowa 19
Thursday, 14th January, at 18.00 hrs.

A lecture accompanying the ‘All Men Become Sisters’ Exhibition.

The housework was one of the most important issues analysed by the Marxist feminism: its status has been the subject of a heated and still unsolved debate.

Even if the importance of reproductive work of women remains largely unquestioned today, the wider perspective - for which the starting point was the question of housework linked with the relation between patriarchy and capitalism - is a rarely undertaken topic.

However, this - seemingly scholastic - question is still important, since it translates into the practical conclusions: which is more important, the class or the sex (and do we actually have to choose between these two?). What is the role of the ‘identity’ mechanisms in the reproduction of the capitalism? And should we distinguish between what is ‘economic’ and what belongs to the sphere of culture?

Joanna Bednarek - a PhD in philosophy, translator, member of editorial staff of ‘Praktyka Teoretyczna’ [‘Theoretical Practice’], collaborator of the Questions of Boundaries Research Group at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań also published in “Krytyka Polityczna” and “Czas Kultury”. The author of “Polityka poza formą. Ontologiczne uwarunkowania poststrukturalistycznej filozofii polityki” (2012) [Politics Outside the Form. Ontological determinants of post-structuralist philosophy of politics]and “Linie kobiecości. Jak różnica płciowa przekształciła literaturę i filozofię?” ‘Lines of Femininity. How the sex difference transformed literature and philosophy?’ (forthcoming, 2016).

Admission free.


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