Prototypy 3: Care report. Guided tour with Carolina Caycedo



ms1, Więckowskiego 36


September 7, 2019, Saturday, 4 pm

“In Colombia, as in Poland – and all over the world – the most vulnerable populations pay the highest price for this frenetic, deadly system of production and consumption. (…) As an artist, I align myself with indigenous people, women, the poor, the working class, immigrants and refugees, children, as well as non-human entities.”

Says Carolina Caycedo, of the two main heroines of the third part of the Prototypes project, that invites different artists to rethink the artworks from the collection of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. 

“When I was invited to respond to the collection of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, the Sociological Record series by Zofia Rydet immediately stood out. In her labour, I recognised a passionate and detailed reconstruction of historical memory in Poland. This resonated with the efforts of many communities and grassroots organisations in my country of Colombia. For us, the act of remembering is exercised as an instrument of projection, in order to inhabit territory, and as a form of protection against the mechanisms that have caused the destruction and horrors of today.”

On Saturday, September 7, at 4 pm Caycedo will be your guide on the exhibition Prototypes 03: Carolina Caycedo & Zofia Rydet. Care Report.

'Care Report’ celebrates women’s engagement in various spheres of life, but above all, in defending the natural environment. At stake in this battle are the global commons: water, air, land. The call to action is motivated, however, by specific problems which local communities face in relation to health and security. For it is women, as with other vulnerable social groups (such as migrants, refugees, children, people with disabilities and elders), who are affected most by environmental degradation. At the same time, it is often women who are organising themselves and protesting against the exploitation of people and the world around them. In many situations, women activists are not victims, but instead positive and resourceful organisers.

More about the exhibition here

Carolina Caycedo (1978, lives in Los Angeles) was born in London to Colombian parents.  She transcends institutional spaces to work in the social realm, where she participates in movements of territorial resistance, solidarity economies, and housing as a human right.  Carolina’s artistic practice has a collective dimension to it in which performances, drawings, photographs and videos are not just an end result, but rather part of the artist’s process of research and acting. Through work that investigates relationships of movement, assimilation and resistance, representation and control, she addresses contexts, groups and communities that are affected by developmental projects, like the constructions of dams, the privatization of water, and its consequences on riverside communities.



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