Peer-to-peer: meeting with artists



ms², exhibition space


9 June 2018 at 17:00 hrs

Event accompanying the exhibition titled Peer-to-Peer. Collective Practices in New Art

The exhibition that is on show at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź since 8 June 2018 presents the works of international duos as well as bigger collectives, including intercontinental platforms and working groups. The project focused on collective practices in new art is an overview of strategies adopted by contemporary artists to organise and develop teamwork strategies.  

The meeting with artists participating in the exhibition will be an opportunity to learn, inter alia, how they have come together and why they decided to work collectively. We will also try to find out whether there is any kind of peer culture and how much the Internet helps collective practices to grow.  

The discussion will be attended, inter alia, by representatives of more numerous formations such as, e.g., NON Worldwide (a platform used by the artists of the African Diaspora to free themselves from colonial structures and reject strict canons of self-expression) or GCC (“representation” of artists connected with the Middle East region of the Persian Gulf), as well as members of Foundland Collective duo (who use design, research, visual arts and education to explore migration, the importance of  being part of a community and the sense of citizenship) and the LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner trio (artists investigate into humanism and intimacy of the Internet by creating a variety of platforms to communicate with the audience).

The number of places at the meeting is limited.

The meeting will be held in English, translation into Polish will be available.

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