Non-transmittable form? Thoughts on the impossibility to show what might need to be shown today. Lecture by Ruth Noack

ms², Ogrodowa 19
9 December 2015, Wednesday, at 18:00 hrs
Admission free

Lecture is an accompanying event of the exhibition All Men Become Sisters

In the 70s, Western 2nd wave feminists argued that part of the problem of women's disenfranchisement lay in the fact that women's work was often reproductive labour done in the private sphere, with no access to public visibility. In the 90s, lack of visibility was also being cited as one of the causes for the disenfranchisement of non-Western art. Twenty years later, mainstream art discourse assumes that exhibitions are functioning transmission machines for both problems. My lectures attempts to add to the discussion a new and highly risky component, that of aesthetics. What is to be done about form that simply does not transfer? Or does not transfer simply?

Ruth Noack -


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